Smite Aphrodite Guide: The Goddess of Beauty

Welcome to our Smite Aphrodite Guide. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Beauty in Greek mythology, which definitely explains some of her design features in-game.

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Smite Aphrodite Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Aphrodite Guide

  • Aphrodite is the best healer in the game
  • To get the most out of Aphrodite, your build should emphasize her supporting capabilities first, and her damage-dealing capabilities second
  • Out of all the Gods, Aphrodite has the best synergy in the game

Aphrodite is the walking (or in Smite’s case, floating) manifestation of beauty itself. The stories of her magnificence are many and abundant. It’s quite ironic then that it was decreed that her husband should be Haephestus, the ugliest of all the Gods.

That fact was something Aphrodite could never get over, which is the reason she coveted other Gods, as well as a myriad of other vain pursuits. The most famous example being the Golden Apple that Paris gave to her in exchange for Helen’s hand… And we all know how that went.

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Aphrodite’s Abilities

Aphordite Abilities

Starting off with her passive, we have Center of Attention. Aphrodite loves being the center of attention in any situation she’s in. That’s why she gets 4 Physical Protection as well as 4 Magical Protection for each friendly or enemy God within 70 feet of her. This ends up being a maximum of 36 Protections if a total of 9 Gods are around her. 

Kiss is Aphrodite’s first ability. A kiss from Aphrodite is one of the most coveted things in the immortal realm. Any friendly God that Aphrodite kisses forms a bond with her. This bond gives allies reduced cooldowns, as well as 50% of Aphrodite’s MP5 and 15% of her Protections.

Enemies hit by this ability are stunned and take damage. Any friendly Gods you’ve bonded with get jealous of the fact, which increases their Movement Speed and damage toward that specific God. 

Back Off! Is Aphrodite’s second ability. It’s an AoE damage spell that damages, knocks back, and slows any enemies near Aphrodite the moment she casts it. If Aphrodite is bonded with a friendly God, a second blast also occurs from the friendly God.

Love Birds is Aphrodite’s third ability. This ability is an area ability that extends in front of Aphrodite. Aphrodite sends out a flock of doves in front of her, any enemies caught are damaged, while any allies caught in the ability are healed and have their cooldowns reduced.

It’s important to mention that this ability damage/heals in ticks, not outright. So, to get the most benefit from it, tell your allies to stay in its area for as long as possible.

Undying Love is Aphrodite’s ultimate ability. For all intents and purposes, it’s basically an upgraded version of the Aegis of Immortality. Whenever Aphrodite activates her ultimate, she becomes immune to damage for a short duration. She also instantly cleanses any CCs when she casts it, as well as gaining Jealousy.

If Aphrodite is bonded with an allied God, she also gives the same benefits to them as well. 

Ideal Aphrodite Build

Smite Aphrodite Guide Aphrodite Build

Technically, Aphrodite is a Mage. This means that one of her main goals is dealing a lot of Magical damage. However, she’s also the best Healer in the game. So, to truly get the most out of her, an appropriate Healer build is recommended. 

Start off by grabbing a Benevolence and a Restoration Wand, as well as potions and wards. Upgrade the Restoration Wand into the Rod of Asclepius as soon as possible. Follow up on the Rod with the Fae-Blessed Hoops. With those two items secured, you’ve practically acquired your core items.

Your fourth item should be Chronos’ Pendant, as you want to spam your abilities as much as possible. Follow that up with a Pythagorem’s Piece for the passive, and end with a Mantle of Discord. Whenever you get the chance, upgrade your Benevolence into a Heroism.

For relics, it’s practically the standard support loadout. You got your Cloak of Meditation and you got your Purification Beads. The smartest choice would be to upgrade these into a Cloak of the Ascetic and Temporal Beads. 

Tips for Playing With Aphrodite

  • Always stick to friendly Gods, regardless of what you’re doing
  • Don’t be selfish with your ultimate, if an ally is getting targeted, bond with them and save them from dying
  • Ward the jungle as much as possible, especially the unique monster camps