Kanga – Valorant Exclusive Tier Skin Bundle Teaser & Leaks

Portal Staff

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming exclusive tier skin bundle in VALORANT and learn about its potential Chinese mythological theme.

Kanga – VALORANT: Valorant NEW Duelist Teaser #1

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Check out Kanga - VALORANT's latest video on the new Valorant agent teaser and speculate on their abilities!

Kanga – VALORANT: Analyzing the Teaser for Valorant’s New Duelist Agent

Portal Staff

Discover the details and implications of the second teaser for Valorant's upcoming duelist agent.

Valorant Shocker: Lost Opportunities for Female Pros in VCT Trials

Lotus Valorant map guide title card
Portal Staff

Troubling reports surface in Valorant's world, suggesting instances of discrimination against female pros in team trials.

Tips to improve Game Sense In Valorant

Hamza Bakht

If you’re satisfied with your aim and individual mechanics but can’t rank up in Valorant, your game sense may be the problem. Win more games by improving your game sense with these tips & tricks.

In-game Bans: Valorant Behavior Update

Valorant episode 7 banner
Hamza Bakht

Tired or toxic teammates who ruin your fun and toll in your ranked games? This new Valorant behavior update with in-game bans might bear good news for you.

Cowboy to Immortal Challenge in Valorant

cowboy to immortal challenge streamer wearing one piece straw hat playing valorant
Hamza Bakht

Ever heard of a cowboy grinding to rank up in Valorant? That’s exactly what the streamer Shiro is trying to achieve in his Cowboy to Immortal challenge!

Trading Kills in Valorant 

Everything About the New Valorant Team Deathmatch title card.
Hamza Bakht

Learn the art of trading kills in Valorant and how you can use this practice to level the playing field.

How to Use Flashes And Smokes in Valorant

Use flashes in Valorant to blind enemies
Hamza Bakht

Knowing how to use flashes is integral to levelling the playing field in Valorant. Learn how and when to use smokes and flashes in Valorant.

When you should Force Buy in Valorant

A photo of the Operator in Valorant
Hamza Bakht

Understanding the Valorant economy will allow you to be much for efficient with your credit usage. Learn how to force buy and lead a comeback for your team.

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