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Apex Legends Cosplay World: Fan Emulates Loba Character

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A trek through the Apex Legends community appreciating the stunning Loba cosplay by a dedicated fan. See the reactions it sparked!

Engage or Evade: Debating the ‘Control’ in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends players voice their contrasting opinions on the 'Control' game mode, resulting in a spirited debate.

Passionate Apex Legends Fans Express Desire for KBM-only Lobbies and Hard-disabled AA

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Apex Legends players express firm opinions on “KBM-only” lobbies and “hard-disabled” AA. Dive with us into the conversation!

Unveiling Player Thoughts: ‘Hot Takes’ from the Apex Legends Community

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Diving into Apex Legends community feedback; from game settings, pro scene, to player dynamics. An uncensored, unfiltered look into the game’s pulse.

The Solo Queue Experience in Apex Legends: A Community Perspective

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Exploring the reasons Apex Legends players prefer solo queuing. A discussion about anonymity, skill, social dynamics, and the nature of online multiplayer games.

The Concern Rising in ‘Apex Legends’ Community: Zen Usage on Console

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The Apex Legends community voicing concerns about the increasing Zen usage on console.

Exploring Apex Legends: The Original Main before Unlocking Paid Characters

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Dive into the Apex Legends community sharing their first main characters before they unlocked paid options.

Apex Legends Players Discuss Midseason Reset Changes on Reddit

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Apex Legends’ decision to exclude the mid-season rank reset sparks discussions and debates among Reddit users.

Apex Legends Players’ Views on Console Cheating Bans

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Reddit user shares concerns about Apex Legends' enforcement of bans on cheating players.

What’s New In Apex Legends Season 17

Ursine Warrior

Apex Legends Season 17 is here! Along with it comes a host of changes, to weapons, Legends, and even the beloved World’s Edge map.

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