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The Clash Royale Barbarian Debate: A Call for Nerfs or Not?

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A heated discussion ensues on whether Clash Royale's Barbarians warrant a nerf amidst the community.

Community Voices: Players Celebrate Surprise Gold Windfall in Clash Royale

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Clash Royale's latest event brings good vibes and gold aplenty causing cheers among players. Read firsthand players' experiences and more.

Leak Unveils the Next Evolution in Clash Royale: Royal Recruits

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Clash Royale's next evolution will be Recruits, as revealed by a reddit post provoking heated discussion.

Mastering the Clash Royale Hog 2.6 Deck: A Guide to Cycling Victory


Quick dive into Clash Royale's Hog 2.6 cycle deck.

Clash Royale’s Community Shares Frustration Over the Hog 2.6 Deck

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Discover inside buzz on Clash Royale's subreddit about the overuse of Hog 2.6 deck in gameplay.

5 Most Common Deck Types Found in Clash Royale


We look at the 5 most common deck types found within Clash Royale's meta and primarily focus on non-champion centric decks to be accessible to newer players.

What are Decks in Clash Royale? 


We explore everything you need to know about Clash Royale decks from what they are to considerations in building your own deck.

What is gameplay like in Clash Royale? 

Clash Royale Gameplay

Clash Royale offers an engaging gameplay experience that combines strategic card battles with progression and rewards. As a player, you'll engage in intense battles, collect chests, level up your cards, and King Tower, all while participating in seasons and clan wars.

What you should know before playing Clash Royale

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We look at Supercell's Clash Royale and the components that build this feature rich deck building, card placing strategy game.

What are cards in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Legendary Cards

We dive into explaining everything behind the cards that power Clash Royale's experience.