Smite Vamana Guide: The Fifth Avatar of Vishu

Welcome to our Smite Vamana Guide. Vamana is the Fifth Avatar of Vishnu; compared to his other forms, the form of Vamana is quite modest. However, he should not be underestimated.

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Smite Vamana Guide

Key Takeaway for Smite Vamana Guide

  • Don’t underestimate Vamana just by how he looks
  • Vamana is one of the most survivable, if not the most survivable Warrior in the game
  • Vamana gets the most benefit out of Defensive Builds, rather than Offensive Builds

The story of how Vishnu adopted the persona of Vamana is quite interesting. The Demon king Bali had become extremely powerful, and after conquesting the Underworld and the entire Earth, he started to cover the Heavens themselves. 

Bali had succeeded in taking over the Heavens, at the expense of the God Indra, who was deposed as a result. Unable to regain his realm, the God Indra pleaded to Vishnu to aid him. Vishnu then adopted the form of Vamana, a modest priest who would end up returning to Indra his lost realm.

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Vamana’s Abilities

Vamana Abilities

Starting off with his passive, we have Sleeping Giant. Sleeping Giant gives Vamana an increase in his Physical Power and Attack Speed based on his Physical Protection. Specifically, he gains 25% of his Physical Protection as Power and 15% of his Physical Protection as Attack Speed.

Clear the Path is Vamana’s first ability. Clear the Path is a charge-type ability that allows Vamana to dash in front of him. It’s quite unique in that it’s rather slow compared to other charge abilities, however, you can also change the direction of the charge if you so wish. Another big plus of this ability is that it knocks up any enemies hit by it.

Armored Umbrella is Vamana’s second ability. It’s a cone-type ability that deals damage to any enemies caught in it. It really isn’t that special compared to other similar abilities. Just great for getting that additional bit of damage in.

Umbrellarang is Vamana’s third ability. Umbrellarang is a skill shot-type ability that makes Vamana throw his umbrella in front of him, only for it to return after a few seconds. Any enemies hit by it not only take damage but also receive debuffs to their Attack and Movement Speed. 

Colossal Fury is Vamana’s ultimate ability. When Vamana activates this ability he grows ginormous for a few seconds, he also becomes immune to any CCs for the duration. Any damage taken in the duration of this ability also extends it.

That’s not all, however. Vamana also gains increased Protections, Physical Lifesteal, increased Movement Speed, increased Physical Power, and a shield that’s 2% of his max health that also heals him. In short, it increases most of your item stats. Now that’s a strong ability!

Ideal Vamana Build

Smite Vamana Guide Vamana Build

Because of his passive ability, Vamana benefits more from Defensive Builds, rather than fully Offensive Builds. Still, for the best results, it’s best to use a balanced approach. That is a few core offensive items and a few core defensive items.

Start off by grabbing a Warrior’s Axe as your starter item and some Spiked Gauntlets along with your usual assortment of potions. Upgrade the gauntlets into the Gauntlet of Thebes and start building those stacks up. 

Your third item should be the Berzerker’s Shield. This one is absolutely essential for you, so don’t skip out on it. Follow that up with Qin’s Sais, Golden Blade, and a Spirit Robe as your final item. Upgrade your Warrior’s Axe into an Axe of Animosity when you hit 20. That’s basically the ideal Vamana build.

For relics, you can go with whatever you’d like, however, it’s probably a good idea to stick to a Horrific Emblem and a Shield of Thorns. As those are the 2 relics that you’ll get the most use out of.

Tips for Playing With Vamana

  • Always engage fights with your charge, don’t keep it in reserve for the end of the fight
  • Use your ultimate when you’re full HP, as you’ll get the most use out of it that way.
  • Vamana is exceptionally strong and survivable. However, don’t let that get in your head – as you’re not immortal. The biggest killer of Vamana players is when they engage without the support of their allies.