Smite Nu Wa Guide: The Guardian of Heaven

Welcome to our Smite Nu Wa Guide. Nu Wa is the Guardian of Heaven in Chinese mythology, a role that wouldn’t have been given to her if she ware a pushover.

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Smite Nu Wa Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Nu Wa Guide

  • Nu Wa is a surprisingly versatile Mage, as her skill set allows her to be both offensively oriented and defensively oriented if need be
  • Nu Wa requires a lot of farm to become strong
  • The best builds to run with Nu Wa are the one’s that mix Attack Speed and Maximum Magical Power

Smite’s Nu Wa possibly has one of the most interesting backstories according to mythology. According to the mythos, not only is Nu Wa the Guardian of Heaven but also the creator of every single human being, which she meticulously crafted out of clay.

She also ended the conflict that ravaged the World Pillar, all with the help of her five mythic stones, which represent the elements – Fire, Eart, Water, Wood, and Metal. Thus, after finishing her toil, she reclined and now watches over all of us; her most precious creations.

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Nu Wa’s Abilities

Nu Wa Abilities

Starting off with her passive, we have Strength of Wood. After successfully landing 5 basic attacks on an enemy, she roots the enemies for 1.5 seconds. This basically means one thing, Attack Speed builds are your bread and butter! 

Mysterious Fog is Nu Wa’s first ability. Upon activating this ability, Nu Wa sends a cloud of fog along the ground. Friendlies that walk into the fog are stealthed and have their Movement Speed increased, while enemies are damaged and will continue to do so long as they stay in the fog. 

Clay Soldiers is Nu Wa’s second ability. Technically it’s a cone-type ability that summons a few clay soldiers wherever Nu Wa is currently pointing at. The clay soldiers go for the nearest enemy available, upon striking a target they remove some of their Protections. 

Shining Metal is a line-type skill shot. Whenever Nu Wa activates it, she sends out a chunk of shining metal in the direction she’s pointing at. This ability is great as it does a decent amount of damage and is hard to avoid. However, its greatest feature is that if it strikes one of your soldiers it causes them to explode, dealing additional damage and stunning nearby foes.

Fire Shards is Nu Wa’s ultimate ability. Whenever Nu Wa activates this ability, she ascends up into the sky and gains visibility on all enemy Gods currently alive. After a few moments, she rains down fiery shards upon them. This ability is exceptionally good at finishing off fleeing enemies. 

Ideal Nu Wa Build

Smite Nu Wa Guide Nu Wa Build

Although you can technically go for a Maximum Magical Power build with Nu Wa to emphasize her burst potential, it’s more optimal to go with an Attack Speed build, as it will give you sufficient Magical Power while emphasizing all of your other strengths as well.

Start off by grabbing a Manikin’s Scepter and some Mystical Earrings. Once you get the money, upgrade your Earrings into Griffonwing Earrings to increase the speed at which your basic attacks travel, along with all the other desirable effects.

Follow up those items by grabbing the Cyclopean Ring, a Telkines Ring, a Bancroft’s Talon, which you shall upgrade into a Nimble Bancroft’s Talon, and Typhon’s Fang to round out the build.

For relics, you’re going to want to minimize your greatest weaknesses, CC and Immobility. To do that, you should get the Purification Beads and the Blink Rune, along with your preferred upgrade for them. 

Tips for Playing With Nu Wa

  • Farm a lot at the beginning of the game, Nu Wa needs a bit to take off and is quite weak at the start
  • Monitor the health bars of the enemy team constantly, you never know when you’ll be able to score a kill on a low-health enemy.