Valorant: People Are Truly Built Different – A Look Into Toxicity in Valorant Community

Venturing into the deep world of Valorant where players truly showcase unique behaviors. From throwing games due to jealousy to contemplating going no comms, it's a rollercoaster!

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Valorant is known for its competitive gameplay, but sometimes the interactions between players can be quite bizarre. Recently, a post on Reddit highlighted a peculiar incident that left the community baffled.


  • Jealousy leading to game throwing
  • Considering going no comms
  • Positive encounters with supportive players
  • Tilting for various reasons

Raze’s Jealousy

One player shared a story of a match where Raze threw the game because Cypher had a girlfriend, showcasing jealousy-driven toxicity. The community was in disbelief over such a bizarre reason for throwing a game.

Contemplating No Comms

Some players expressed frustration with toxic behavior and contemplated muting everyone to avoid such encounters. The toxicity in certain lobbies has led players to question the value of communication in-game.

Positive Player Encounters

Despite the toxic incidents, there were heartwarming stories of players who went out of their way to support teammates in need. These positive interactions stood out in contrast to the toxicity prevalent in some matches.

Tilting Over Various Reasons

From players tilting over perceived smurfs to sabotaging games for trivial reasons, the community shared experiences of dealing with tilted teammates who made matches challenging and frustrating.

The Valorant community is a mixed bag of experiences, ranging from heartwarming interactions to moments of intense toxicity. While some players find support and camaraderie, others encounter behavior that pushes them to reconsider their involvement in the game. Navigating the diverse player base requires a balance of resilience and understanding, as each match can present a new set of challenges and surprises.