Counter-Strike Community Voices: Analyzing Anders and the Role of Valve

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This blog post delves into the Counter-Strike community’s viewpoints and sentiment about the game, particularly relating to Anders and Valve.

The Counter-Strike Community’s Thoughts on 24-Round Matches

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Exploring the Counter-Strike community's sentiment on 24-round matches: a matter of nostalgia or practicality?

S2 Volumetric Smoke Changes Explained

CS2 Volumetric Smoke Changes Explained title card
Anwell Patdu

Excited about the new CS2 volumetric smoke changes? Here’s a complete explanation of how the new CS2 smokes work.

CS2 Overpass Map Rework

Cs2 Overpass map rework title card
Anwell Patdu

Overpass is one of the CS2 maps that the community can’t wait to play. Here’s the CS2 Overpass map rework and everything you need to know about it.

All Confirmed Map Updates in CS2

All Confirmed Map Updates in CS2 title card
Anwell Patdu

CS2 is looking to modernize the existing Counter-Strike maps. Here is a complete list of all the confirmed map updates in CS2.

The New CS2 Buy Menu and Weapon Loadout System Explained

the new cs2 buy menu and weapon loadout explained title card
Anwell Patdu

CS2 recently released a new buy menu along with a weapon loadout system. So, we’re here to explain the CS2 buy menu and weapon system.

The 5 Best Valorant Agents for CS:GO Players

The 5 Best Valorant Agents for CS:GO Players
Anwell Patdu

Are you a CS:GO player looking to try Valorant? Well, we'll make your life easier. Here are the best Valorant agents for CS:GO players.

The 6 Best CS:GO Players in 2023

best cs:go players in 2023 title card
Anwell Patdu

It’s time to settle the debate and find out the top dogs. Here are the best CS:GO players in 2023.

Best CS:GO Streamers in 2023

best CSGO streamers in 2023.
Anwell Patdu

Looking for a CS:GO content creator to watch in your free time? Here are the best CS:GO streamers in 2023.

Is CS2 Better Than Valorant?

is cs2 better than Valorant title card
Anwell Patdu

CS2 is getting closer and closer to release each day. So today, we answer the question, is CS2 better than Valorant?

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