5 Best PUBG LIVIK Landing Spots for Aggressive Players

Unleash your inner adventurer with these expert-recommended PUBG Livik landing spots. From the Power Plant to Crabgrass, discover the top locations for loot and intense battles.

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The 2km x 2km Livik map offers fast-paced gameplay and enormous battles on a smaller and more challenging map. Livik map generally supports 100 players consequently players should be more strategic and aggressive to play on a small map. While there is ample information out there regarding the finest strategies for annihilating the battle royale in PUBG, landing spots may be one of the most particularly argued. There are innumerable demonstrate strategies that oath victory for anybody with the skill to execute. Let’s start

PUBG Mobile has different categories of players. Some play in the safer zone and have a victory. Besides these, there are some adventure-loving players who play to kill or to be killed. Yes! I am talking about aggressive players. Aggressive players love to play in those locations where they find a great chance to fight. Here are aggressive players’ guidelines to enhance the adventure and unlock chicken dinner. Ready!

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Top LIVIK Landing Spots for Aggressive Players

Aggressive players! Are you ready to have good loot and challenging fights in the PUBG Livik map? Follow these mentioned expert guidelines to make the game more adventurous. Any further ado, let’s get to the topic

1) Livik landing spot: Power Plant:

The power plant is a Popular landing spot located at the centre of the map. Here is a detail of it.

Livik landing spots

  • Main Building: The main building provides good loot opportunities as it is a multistory structure. Players can have great loot in the form of weapons, armor, and other healing items.
  • Cooling Towers: The cooling tower has tall cylindrical structures that are an advantage for the players in scouting and engaging enemies. Players find great loot from here.

The optimal strategy for aggressive players

  • Rapid Looting: Be quick to loot the weapons, armour, and other important things before your opponents as it would help you to gear up for the fight.
  • Aggressive Engagement: The power plant is in a high-traffic area. You can take greater advantage of looting and fighting as small spaces have more opponents.

2) Livik landing spot: Midstein

Midstein is located towards the center of the Livik map and is known for its dense vegetation and numerous wooden structures.

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  • Midstein Gatehouse: Gatehouse is at the main entrance. So aggressive players can find a great chance to cover themselves and great loot. It can be a fast-paced start with immediate engagements.
  • Midstein Walls: Landing on Midstein walls is a strategic choice for looting weapons and other equipment and fighting with the camping enemies there.

The optimal strategy for aggressive players

  • Utilise Vertical Advantage: Using vertical strategy is an advantage in the Milstein as it has several houses for scouting and ambushing other players.
  • Coordinate with Your Squad: In the case of playing squad communication is a key to play. Communicate with your partner about fights, loot, and plan for the next strategies.

3) Livik landing spot: shipyard

The shipyard is Located on the northeastern coast of the Livik map. For popular land spots and strategies read below.

  • Main Warehouse: The main warehouse is located at the centre of the shipyard area. The area contains high-tier loot and that’s the reason for landing most players are there.
  • Shipping Containers: The shipyard has shipping containers for cover and loot opportunities. So landing here is strategic for looting and quickly engaging in fights.

The optimal strategy for aggressive players

  • Keep Moving: Don’t stop at a point for looting for too long because this step allows your opponents to have pressure on you.
East Port Livik PUBG 1
Pubg Mobile in-Game Screenshot
  • Use Boats for Quick Rotations: The shipyard area has boats along the shorelines, which can be used for quick rotations and flanking maneuvers. Utilise boats to move quickly and surprise opponents from unexpected angles.

4) Livik landing spot: Blomster

The cemetery is located in the center of the Livik map. Here is the detail of Blomster’s popular landing spots and strategies for aggressive players.

  • Church: The church is located at the centre of the Blomster. As it is a central area so has a higher chance of loot.
  • Elevated Areas: Blomster has e a lot of hilly terrain with elevated areas. which contains good loot.

The optimal strategy for aggressive players

  • Use Cover and High Ground: The Blomster has elevated areas that provide cover. Use these covers to gain the upper hand in infights.
  • Move and Rotate Strategically: Avoid staying at a place where enemies can take coverage of your area. Rotate strategically and take the advantage of surrounding fields and buildings.

5) Livik landing spot: Crabgrass

Crabgrass is a good choice for early-town fighting and good looting on the Livik map. Here are expert mentioned points.

  • Elevated Areas: The crabgrass has several vantage points to scout for enemies. Players who love long-range fights should land here.
  • Central Area: The central part of Crabgrass is a high-traffic area that has multiple buildings. This is a place of quick and intense early battles.

The optimal strategy for aggressive players

  • Engage in fights strategically: Aggressive players tend to engage in fights frequently, but it’s important to do so strategically. Push aggressively but also be mindful of cover and positioning to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • Utilize grenades and utilities: Grenades and utilities can be powerful tools for aggressive players. Use frag grenades, smoke grenades, and flashbangs to flush out enemies.

Playing aggressively is more enjoyable and adventurous than just sneaking around. In this article, you will find the best landing spots like Power Plant, Castles, docks, and some others to have great loot and for a thrilling experience. Properly assessing the advantages and disadvantages of different landing spots and aligning them with one’s playstyle and team strategy can lead to a more strategic and successful gameplay experience on Livik.

Follow these experts tips on popular Livik landing spots and expert strategies to get adventure and win