Skull and Bones: Navigating the Confusing World of Ubisoft+

Worried about gaining early access to Skull and Bones? Read this guide to navigate the confusing world of Ubisoft+ and find out how to make the most of your subscription.

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Skull and Bones players on Xbox are feeling the frustration as they try to secure early access to the highly anticipated game. Subscribers to the Ubisoft+ service are particularly worried about whether they will be able to play the game on the release night. This post on the Skull and Bones subreddit by user Brittish_Rogue captures the confusion and concerns of the community. From the lack of a pre-load option to the complicated process of subscribing through the browser on Xbox, players are left wondering if they have made a mistake.


  • Users are frustrated with the lack of pre-load option for Ubisoft+
  • Some players have found a workaround by changing their region settings
  • Others suggest waiting for the game to become playable via subscription

Finding Early Access Solutions:

The community came through with some helpful suggestions for users looking for early access to Skull and Bones. Reddit user TheShotgunGorilla shared their experience, explaining that they changed their region settings to New Zealand in order to gain access to early gameplay through the Xbox store. They also confirmed that Ubisoft+ is now integrated with the Xbox account, similar to Gamepass, making the process of finding and playing the game easier for subscribers.

Another user, watersretreat, provided additional insights based on their own experience with Ubisoft+. They explained that there is currently no pre-loading option for Ubisoft+ subscribers, which can be frustrating for players looking to start the game as soon as possible. The release time for Skull and Bones is split by regions, so they suggested trying to change the region to Australia once it hits midnight there. They also recommended checking regularly for updates until the game becomes playable via the subscription.

User Jerikss added to the conversation by mentioning that pre-loading may not be available for Ubisoft+ in general. They pointed out that other posts on the subreddit echoed the same sentiment. This lack of pre-loading option seems to be a common concern among Skull and Bones players using Ubisoft+.

The Confusing World of Ubisoft+:

Skull and Bones players who have subscribed to Ubisoft+ find themselves navigating a sometimes confusing process. The lack of a pre-load option and the need to subscribe through the browser on the Xbox console add to the frustration. While the community has provided workarounds and suggestions, it’s clear that Ubisoft could improve the user experience by streamlining the access process and providing clearer instructions for early access.

In the end, Skull and Bones players using Ubisoft+ will have to be patient and flexible. Whether it’s changing region settings or waiting for the game to become playable via the subscription, the community is determined to find ways to enjoy the game as soon as possible.