Optimizing Training Time in Tekken: A Dive into Gameplay Strategies

Unearth the tricks of time management in Tekken training mode using insights from the gaming community.

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The intense fighting game, Tekken, often has players contemplating about the amount of time they should ideally spend in training mode. As per a recent forum thread, a player confessed to spending around 1/3rd of his gameplay time on training. But does everyone do the same?


  • From the community insights, time in training mode varies greatly among players.
  • Training mode versus real gameplay – the debate continues as to which proves more fruitful.
  • Several experienced players resort to training mode mostly to practice combos and punishers between matches.

Striking the Balance

According to user TurmUrk, only about 1/5th or less of his time goes into training mode where he practices his combos and punishes between matches, returning to the mode if he faces difficulty with a specific character. On the other hand, user poiuy01 argues that he spends more time in Tekken training compared to any other fighting game.

Growing via Gameplay

User MajiEmi voiced a common sentiment. She spends roughly 10-15 minutes warming up in training mode and then plays ranked matches. Stuck in the yellow rankings, she loves to play the game rather than memorising charts and researching frame data. This user echoes the philosophy that experience gathered from actual gameplay significantly trumps theoretical knowledge gleaned from practice mode.

Laboring in the Lab

nYv_ considers casual matches and ranked play as more valuable than training, having spent around 10 hours in the training lab out of his 70 hours overall playtime. Meanwhile, there are others like KA05D and Ivo__Lution who largely prefer spending time in the lab, with KA05D attributing it to matchmaking taking about 30 minutes to find a game.

From the varied viewpoints, it is evident that there’s no one-size-fits-all rule on how much time you should spend in Tekken’s training mode. Whether you are a theory crafter or a die-hard recognizer, the best strategy is ultimately what gets you closer to victory.