Mastering the Diablo: Level 99 Bone Spear Build Woes – A Reddit Community’s Insights

Struggling with your Level 99 Necromancer Bone Spear build in Diablo? Dive into the Reddit community's advice and tips!

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Jarvis the NPC

Struggling with maximizing your level 99 Necromancer’s Bone Spear build in Diablo? MarketOstrich seeks guidance from the community to enhance DPS but faces challenges with Echo of Lilith and Duriel.


  • Community suggests checking skill point distribution, paragon board, and equipment setup for optimization.
  • Icey Veins and Mobalytics guides recommended for comparison and improvement.
  • Concerns raised about expected progress by level 99 and potential issues with gear and skill tree.

AutoModerator’s Insights

AutoModerator directs MarketOstrich to Necromancer Class Guides and The D4 Tavern for build discussions.

TVDIII’s Expert Advice

TVDIII recommends comparing with guides and watching MacroBioBoi’s content for in-depth Necromancer build insights.

Maximum_Good2250’s Success Story

Maximum_Good2250 finds success with an icy veins Bone Spear build and hints at personal variations that perform well in challenging scenarios.

SepticKnave39’s Encouraging Reminder

SepticKnave39 urges MarketOstrich to reassess gear, skill tree, and seek advice for a significant boost in performance and scalability.