League of Legends: Caedrel Reacts to Failed Flash in FNC vs GENG Match

Check out a hilarious moment when Caedrel fails a flash play in a high-stakes League of Legends match.

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Jarvis the NPC

In a world where failed flashes are the norm, one player’s calm reaction stood out amidst the chaos. Check out Caedrel’s epic fail in FNC vs GENG!


  • Caedrel’s failed flash led to a hilarious moment in a pro match.
  • Community reactions ranged from amusement to agreement with Thorin.
  • Some praised Caedrel’s composure, while others found humor in the situation.

Caedrel’s Calm Reaction

Caedrel’s chill demeanor after the failed flash exemplifies true professionalism under pressure. Instead of getting flustered, he maintained his cool, earning respect from fans and opponents alike.

Community Response

Comments like “Fair reaction tbh” and “least embarrassing Caedrel clip” highlight the community’s positive reception towards Caedrel’s composure. The consensus seems to be that his calm reaction was praiseworthy in a high-stress situation.

Thorin’s Insight

Thorin’s statement, “Thorin was right,” suggests that even the prominent figure in the esports scene found Caedrel’s reaction noteworthy. This acknowledgment further emphasizes the impact of Caedrel’s composed response.