Z League


  • The players registered must have at least 100 Rebirth or BR games played on their account to be eligible.

  • Queue up with your full squad in a public lobby in the BR mode that matches the game type of the tournament.

  • There is no need to check in prior to the tournament start.

  • Teams can play as many games as they can during the tournament.

  • Teams can start their final game before the time is up, and continue playing until the end of that game.

  • Teams are allowed to back out of games.

  • The tournament is on PC, PLAYSTATION, and XBOX.

  • Z League has the right to disqualify a team if any form of cheating is suspected. This includes but is not limited to: hacks, smurfing, reverse-boosting, or other cheats and hacks that give a team an unfair advantage.

  • Reverse boosting is defined as deliberately under-performing in games prior to tournament play in order to be placed in a lower tier lobby.

  • In the case of a tie, most kills across teams’ top games will be used as the first tie break. The second tie break will be the number of wins across teams’ top games. The third tie break will be the least number of games played. If teams are still tied, the prize for the position and next position will be split between teams. For clarity, if two teams are tied in p2 after accounting for points, total team kills, wins and number of games played, the prize for p2 and p3 would be split by the teams.

  • Full registered team must be present in order for scores to count. In the case that a team member cannot play, substitution for an alternate eligible player can be made up until tournament cutoff time, 1 hour prior to tournament start. If a full team is not present and the team has not canceled, the team will forfeit their match and right to a refund.

  • Z League reserves the right to update or modify rules at any point in time.

Scoring System

Each kill is worth 1 point

Teams earn points based on final placement and total kills.

Final scores are determined by the sum of your highest scoring games. Depending on the tournament format, this can range from 1 to 4 games.

1st = 10 Points

2nd = 9 Points

3rd = 8 Points

4th = 7 Points

5th = 6 Points

6th = 5 Points

7th = 4 Points

8th = 3 Points

9th = 2 Points

10th = 1 Point