Z League


Don't wonder who the champion is anymore. Know for certain with Z League Challenges.

Warzone's challenges cards

How it works


Create a challenge with the click of a button.


Invite your friends to compete in a Kill race or Stayin’ Alive challenge.


Whenever you play Warzone, your points will be added to your challenge leaderboard.

Kill race

Challenge your friends to see who can get the most kills in a set period of time.

Stayin' Alive

Challenge your friends to see who can live the longest without a death.


Whether you're a .5 k/d or 5 k/d, competing with friends should be fun and fair.

EqualiZer automatically levels the playing field so that no matter how much you suck, you have an equal chance at winning.


Kills per game   3.84

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Kills per game   0.54

Lvlup99ZLeague short logo

Kills per game   1.93

Live scoring

Take the hassle out of knowing who is the best in your crew.

Our live scoreboard will track performance throughout your challenge. No need to stream or record.

Live Scoring table

Bragging Rights on Record

Your win-loss is live in your profile. Champions keep the receipts.

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