How are divisions formed?

Having skill-based divisions is what makes Z League so different than every tournament platform out there. Some platforms split up players by their K/D but that is a very bad metric to use for kill race tournaments. For example, someone with a K/D of 2.0 could have an average of 2 kills and 1 death per game or 8 kills and 4 deaths. Even though these two players have the same K/D, the player with 8 kills per game would score 4x the number of points in a kill race tournament! That is why we built a proprietary ranking algorithm that uses all of your team's historical Warzone stats to match you with other teams with similar stats. This means that you will only be in a division with teams as good as yours.

How does live scoring work?

One thing we really didn't like about all of the Warzone tournaments out there was that players had to take screenshots of their game scores and submit results manually. Not only is it a pain for the players but it also lead to huge delays in finding out who the winner is.

That's why we built our live scoring system. We have access to all of your game stats. We can see how many kills everyone on your team had as well as how your team placed. This means we can update our scoreboard without you having to do anything!

How do points work?

Our point system is pretty simple. 1 point for every kill and bonus points based on how you place in your games. We will only be counting your best 4 games in terms of total (kills + placement) points to determine the winner. You will be able to track how your team is doing on the real-time scoreboard.

Do I need to stream?

Although streaming is recommended in the case that you want to challenge your point totals, streaming is not required to participate. We Automatically count scores and have different methods for preventing cheaters.

How do kill race tournaments work?

Warzone isn't built to allow custom lobbies which means that you can't have everyone from your Z League division enter into the same game to compete.

This is why we do kill race tournaments for Warzone. Here is a breakdown of how they works:

  • Enter as many public Warzone games as you want with your team during the 3 hour competition.
  • Every kill you get is 1 point and additional points are awarded based on how well your team places in that game.
  • We take the total scores (kills+placement points) of your best 4 games to determine your total score.
  • The three teams with the highest scores win the corresponding prize.

Can I make changes to my team or edit teammates AFTER registering?

As long as registration hasn't closed, you can still make changes to your team. In order to do so, you'll need to tell us your team name, the member being replaced, and the email of your new teammate. They will have to go through the same registration process as all other teammates. Reach out to us at contact@zleague.gg for specific changes to team composition.

Can I change my Activision ID before the tournament?

No, you cannot change your Activision ID before the tournament if you have already registered.

Is my team registered?

You will receive an email within 48 hours once your team is fully registered.

Who are the people behind Z League?

Lucas Pellan is the Founder and CEO of Z League. Prior to Z League, he founded Sonder, which has raised over $400M and is valued at $1.3B.

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