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At Z League, our goal is to provide every player with a chance of winning, regardless of skill level. This is why we developed our skills-based algorithm.

Who Built our Algorithm?

Our algorithm was built by engineers and data scientists trained at these universities and companies.

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What people are saying

I really appreciate what you guys do. As a casual gamer I've always wanted to play in tournaments but didn't want to get slaughtered by sweats and lose whatever entry fee to compete. But my friends and I have a blast with the little added element of the competition with others in our skill range.


First of all, the way you do the ladder and divisions is impeccable, you also put a lot of work on your website to have all the stats uploaded real time and that's appreciated a lot. And I think your "review" team does a great job also to catch the cheaters among us sooo yeah....


Me and the boys just played the free quads tournament and had a blast. First time on Z League and definitely will be coming back. Shout out everyone in division 19 for making it a close competition.


How does it work?

Our skill-ranking algorithm analyzes all of your historical Warzone stats to place you into a division with players of a similar skill level. As time goes on and we host more tournaments with more players, the algorithm improves on its own to better rank teams.

Why is the algorithm so important?

Having a skill-ranking algorithm allows us to place players of a similar skill level into the same division. This innovation allows casual gamers to compete in esports tournaments where they previously wouldn't have been able to because of the large difference of skill between the teams competing.

Why don't you use K/D caps instead?


We know that some tournament platforms out there use K/D caps to put teams into divisions but we have data that shows that K/D is a very misleading number to use when it comes to kill race tournaments. For example, let’s take a player with a 2.0 K/D. Do they get 4 kills and 2 deaths per game? Or do they get 2 kills and 1 death per game? Although the K/D would be the same, one player would do 2x better than the other in a kill race tournament. Because we have access to all of your historical Warzone stats, we were able to come up with a formula that is much more fair and accurate than K/D caps to put you into skill-based divisions.

How bad can I be?

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You could be one of the worst Warzone players in the world and you would still only compete against teams of a similar skill level. We've had players with K/Ds as low as 0.25 win their division. Because of the fact that we only place teams of the same skill level into a division together, no matter how good or bad you are at the game, we will only place you in a division with teams of a similar skill level.

How many divisions do tournaments have?

Our tournaments have an unlimited number of divisions. On the tournament info card, you will see the total number of teams per division. If a tournament has 500 teams and we announce that there will be 20 teams per division, that tournament will have 25 divisions. Our biggest tournament had 80 skill-based divisions.

Tournament Card

In some cases with the top and bottom divisions, if there aren’t enough teams of that skill level signed up for an event, we will reduce the size of the divisions so that everyone competing in a division is of a similar skill level.


At the end of every tournament, we run our anti-cheat algorithm which detects if players used cheats such as wall hacks or aimbot, reverse boosting, manipulation of in-game lobby skill levels, exploitation of a glitch in the game that creates an unfair advantage and smurfing. Players who are detected doing one of these things are permanently banned from Z League.