Solos just ain’t it. It’s always more fun with a squad. We discuss how to LFG in Warzone with Z League.


While Warzone always has a Solo mode in the playlist, it’s common knowledge among veterans that the Duos, Trios, and Quads are generally more enjoyable. When playing in groups you can deploy flanking and baiting tactics as well as leaning on second (or third or fourth) chances with revives from your squad. In general, you’ll have a much more consistent experience when playing in a steady team. Beyond basic cooperative play, it’s also extremely advantageous to have a ‘premade’ team of regulars who you have played with before and have developed a rapport with so you can execute your practiced plays and work out of your favorite drop zones.

So, are you sold on ditching the Solos life? Granted, it’s easier said than done to find good teammates as ‘LFG’ has been a prevailing struggle ever since the invention of online cooperative gameplay. It’s a cumbersome process to build up your trusted friend list that’s always down to drop in on short notice.

How can you easily find non-toxic teammates to play Warzone with? It’s simple – download the Z League app and check out the Team Up to find like minded players with similar interests. Z League’s Team Up has many features (like historical match stats) to help you find the best teammates for your gaming style. 

If you’re looking for more options, be sure to take a look at our 4 Tips to LFG and Top 5 Apps for LFG articles.

Will players move to Apex Legends given the negative feedback Warzone 2 has received from community?


It’s no secret that many Warzone fans aren’t happy with how Warzone 2 was rolled out. This outcry from loyal players has prompted Activision to quickly follow-up with major changes in Season 2 of Warzone 2, with many seeing this as a reversal to Warzone 1 mechanics (in a good way).

However, will Warzone 1 players return in droves or has the damage already been done? One title that has been gaining in popularity while Activision figures out what they want Warzone 2 to become is Apex Legends. Taking a look at the data available through Steam, we see that while Warzone has been losing players, Apex Legends has been gaining:

  • Warzone 2 averaged 105K players in the last 30 days, a -41% drop
  • Apex Legends averaged 198K players in the last 30 days, a +16% gain

Image via Steamcharts

Couple this with popular streamers, like DrDisrespect claiming that Apex Legends is a better Battle Royale, players must be wondering what this means for the future of Warzone 2.

“There’s so many different elements in the game that require a sense of brains to make a decision and to execute the decision. That’s why I like Apex. You could feel intelligent design behind the game“, explains DrDisrespect in a recent YouTube video.

Looking to play some duos or trios this weekend? has one of the largest communities of Warzone players on our mobile app. Download the app today and share your favorite loadouts in the feed to get feedback from other community members. You can share clips to show your custom loadouts in action and find yourself some new followers. While you’re there, try the Team Up feature to form new squads and check out each member’s performance stats.

You can also test out your loadouts in competitive play with Z League’s Warzone tournaments. All of Z League’s tournaments leverage proprietary skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) algorithms to ensure that you’re always placed in a division with similarly-skilled players.