Players still waiting to hear official news on the release of Warzone 2 Combat Records.


It’s no secret that Warzone players love to track their stats. As Warzone tends to be a fairly competitive game across a variety of skill levels, tracking your personal stats is a great way to see how you’re improving over the arc of your Warzone career.

Players who are familiar with Warzone 1 will have been familiar with their official Combat Record as well as the availability of third party stat tracking services, such as, codtracker, and wzstats, just to name a few. However, players are still waiting for these stats tools to be available for Warzone 2 as we’re all still waiting for the official data to be released.

In late 2022, Activision dropped a bombshell on players that combat accumulated prior to Season 1 Reloaded would not count. This was a shock to release day players who were grinding out kills in hopes of adding to their stats history. Subsequently, we’ve heard from Activision that the Combat Record would be further delayed:

One key omission to the January 25th, 2023 Community Update regarding Season 02 was any mention of Combat Records. Could this be signs of further delays in releasing Warzone 2 data? We join players everywhere in hoping that isn’t the case and eagerly await the next round of release notes on February 8th, 2023.

Will players move to Apex Legends given the negative feedback Warzone 2 has received from community?


It’s no secret that many Warzone fans aren’t happy with how Warzone 2 was rolled out. This outcry from loyal players has prompted Activision to quickly follow-up with major changes in Season 2 of Warzone 2, with many seeing this as a reversal to Warzone 1 mechanics (in a good way).

However, will Warzone 1 players return in droves or has the damage already been done? One title that has been gaining in popularity while Activision figures out what they want Warzone 2 to become is Apex Legends. Taking a look at the data available through Steam, we see that while Warzone has been losing players, Apex Legends has been gaining:

  • Warzone 2 averaged 105K players in the last 30 days, a -41% drop
  • Apex Legends averaged 198K players in the last 30 days, a +16% gain

Image via Steamcharts

Couple this with popular streamers, like DrDisrespect claiming that Apex Legends is a better Battle Royale, players must be wondering what this means for the future of Warzone 2.

“There’s so many different elements in the game that require a sense of brains to make a decision and to execute the decision. That’s why I like Apex. You could feel intelligent design behind the game“, explains DrDisrespect in a recent YouTube video.

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