Valorant: Why is Throwing Not More Punished? Thoughts from the Community

Exploring the frustrations and challenges of dealing with throwers in the competitive scene of Valorant.

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Valorant, a popular tactical shooter, faces community concerns as players debate the lack of punishment for throwers in competitive matches.


  • Players frustrated with throwers in lower ranks feeling unaffected by the consequences.
  • Discussion on the challenges of distinguishing between bad players and intentional throwers.
  • Suggestions for methods to combat throwers through game mechanics like vote to kick.

Dealing with Lower Ranks

Some players believe that in lower ranks like Iron/bronze/silver, individuals may not fully grasp the game’s mechanics, leading to unintentional throwing. The casual nature in these ranks also contributes to increased AFK instances as players prioritize real-life responsibilities or frustration over gaming.

Smurfing Dilemma

There’s a consensus that smurfs and trolls exacerbate the throwing issue, with some suggesting account verification or paid entry to deter such behavior. However, concerns arise about the financial impact on free-to-play models and the prevalence of smurf accounts due to skin purchases.

Punishment and Prevention

Community members express the desire for more severe penalties for intentional throwers, highlighting the difficulty in implementation due to subjective reporting and the fine line between genuine mistakes and deliberate sabotage. Suggestions like a vote-to-kick system to address immediate disruptions in matches are proposed but face practical challenges.

Players are torn between valuing fair play and the satisfaction of outplaying opponents versus the frustration of disruptive behavior. The debate on addressing these issues continues, reflecting the ongoing efforts to balance player experience with competitive integrity.