Valorant: Tips and Tricks for Ranking Up!

Stuck at Silver 2 in Valorant? Find out how to rank up with these tips from high elo players!

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Are you tired of being stuck at Silver 2 in Valorant and need help ranking up? Well, you’re not alone!


  • Focus on self-improvement over obsessing about RR gains.
  • Understanding MMR impacts your matchmaking experience.
  • Consider adjusting your agent selection to better support your team.
  • Join groups and servers to find compatible teammates.

Insights on RR Gain

Voidication advises players to shift their focus from RR gains to personal growth, citing high elo players.

MMR and Matchmaking

Tesqia explains how MMR affects matchmaking, highlighting the importance of improving to progress in ranks.

Agent Selection Strategy

Levi_176 suggests trying different roles and agents to complement team dynamics for better results.

Team Compatibility

NoSeat4160 recommends playing with compatible teammates to enhance teamwork and coordination for competitive matches.

Smilemoreguy emphasizes the importance of playing for the team’s victory rather than individual KDA to achieve success in matches.

ShadowEllipse shares a lighthearted link to WoohoojinYT’s content on Valorant gameplay.