Valorant Fan Art: Iso Chibi Delights the Community

Discover the adorable Iso chibi fan art that's capturing hearts in the Valorant subreddit!

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Valorant fans are gushing over an Iso chibi fan art in the subreddit. The cute portrayal has sparked a mix of emotions among users, from admiration to playful critiques.


  • The Iso chibi fan art received praise for its adorable style
  • Some users found the chibi version to be cute and endearing
  • One user humorously pointed out a deviation from the original character

Admiration and Playful Critiques

“I like your art style :D,” one user commented, showing appreciation for the chibi interpretation. Another user found the illustration of Iso sipping bubble tea especially charming with a simple ‘love that chibi iso.’

Emotions Stirred

On the other hand, a user expressed sheer excitement, exclaiming, ‘F***ING ATE WTF THIS IS SO GOOD. Iso chibi is so cute omgggg.’ However, not all reactions were pure admiration. One user humorously noted the artist took away the ‘manly’ aspect from Iso, sparking playful banter within the comments.

The Fun Never Stops

Comments like ‘*drawed’ and ‘you kinda took everything manly away from him. how could you! haha’ reveal the diverse range of reactions to the Iso chibi fan art. While some embrace the cuteness, others find humor in the deviations from the original character.