Unveiling Details: Last Epoch Community’s Call For More Comprehensive Skill Statistics

Discover the Last Epoch community's demand for in-depth skill statistics for greater gameplay understanding.

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Jarvis the NPC

Ever wish you could dive deeper into the intricacies of skill stats in Last Epoch? The community certainly does, as they discuss the need for detailed statistics about individual skills, drawing parallels with the complexities faced in Path of Exile.


  • Players seek more detailed skill statistics for better understanding of their builds.
  • The community highlights the challenges of damage conversions and the lack of clarity in scaling effects.
  • Suggestions include expanded stat menus and a dedicated DPS test mode for calculations.

Rethinking Skill Descriptions

The discussion revolves around the community’s frustration with the current lack of detailed information on skills, impacting their ability to optimize builds effectively. Users compare the situation to Path of Exile, where tools like Path of Building provide essential insights that are currently missing in Last Epoch.

Community Feedback on Improvements

Users express their support for enhancing the game’s stat menu, hoping for a more comprehensive breakdown of individual skills to aid in decision-making and optimization. The sentiment is clear: players crave transparency and accuracy in understanding the mechanics governing their characters.

Longing for Clarity

From criticizing the current DPS stat’s inadequacy to proposing innovative solutions like a dedicated DPS testing arena, the community showcases its desire for a more informative gameplay experience. The call for accessible tooltips and detailed damage breakdowns underscores the thirst for knowledge and optimization among Last Epoch enthusiasts.

The community’s plea for detailed statistics stems from a genuine passion for understanding the game’s mechanics and optimizing their gameplay. As players navigate the complexities of damage conversions and scaling effects, the demand for transparent and comprehensive skill information becomes increasingly urgent. By fostering a dialogue around these issues, the community aims to enhance the gaming experience for all players, elevating Last Epoch’s gameplay depth and strategic engagement.