Unraveling the Helm Wager Dilemma in Skull and Bones

Why do higher tiers in Skull and Bones make Helm Wagers impossible without a full party to steamroll you? Dive into the reddit discussion to find out!

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Jarvis the NPC

Skull and Bones is known for its intense naval battles and strategic gameplay. However, players are facing a unique challenge when it comes to helm wagers at higher tiers.


  • Higher-tier helm wagers are becoming increasingly difficult due to the presence of stronger opponents.
  • Newer players are struggling to participate in helm wagers due to resource constraints and higher-level competition.
  • Some players find it surprising that helm wagers are still being attempted in the game.

Insights on Higher Tier Challenges

Player Lone_Nox highlights the frustration of facing full parties at higher tiers during helm wagers, making it nearly impossible to compete effectively. The disparity in power levels between solo players and organized groups can lead to unbalanced encounters.

The New Player Perspective

Intercepticons sheds light on the struggles of newer players in accessing helm wagers. The lack of resources and time constraints can hinder their ability to participate, while more experienced players may see them as easy targets for plunder.

The Curiosity Factor

Contrary to the prevailing sentiment, Satsloader expresses surprise at the continued practice of helm wagers in the game, hinting at a potential shift in player behavior or game dynamics.

In the tumultuous waters of Skull and Bones, the challenge of helm wagers at higher tiers adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay experience. As players navigate these treacherous seas, they must adapt to the evolving strategies and encounters that each tier brings. The clash between veterans and newcomers in the pursuit of riches and glory continues to shape the narrative of Skull and Bones, ensuring that every voyage is filled with surprises and challenges.