Unlocking the Secrets of Success in Valorant Elo – A Community Discussion

Delve into the community's thoughts on what holds them back or propels them forward in Valorant Elo.

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Valorant players discuss the factors influencing their Elo ranking in a Reddit thread.


  • Players blame teammates, lack of improvement, and external responsibilities for their Elo.
  • Challenges of Elo range from poor team coordination to personal skill development.
  • Some find joy in playing with friends, while others struggle with time constraints.

Team Dynamics and Skill Development

Many players attribute their Elo struggles to teamwork issues, such as selfish playstyles and lack of communication. This poses a significant obstacle even for higher-ranked players.

The Role of Responsibility

Real-life commitments often hinder players’ progress in Valorant, leading to lower playtime and less focus on skill improvement. Adult responsibilities can impact performance despite a desire for higher ranking.

Enjoyment vs. Grind

Some players opt for a more casual approach, prioritizing fun over intense grind sessions for rank advancement. This shift in mindset reflects a broader change in how they perceive gaming achievements.