Uncovering the Ale Mystery in Manor Lords – Tips and Comments

Discover why the ale mysteriously vanishes in Manor Lords as players share insights and theories!

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Jarvis the NPC

Have you ever wondered why your ale mysteriously vanishes in Manor Lords? Let’s explore the perplexing world of tier 1 burgage plots and raging alcoholics!


  • Players speculate on the disappearance of ale in Manor Lords.
  • Community believes all families, not just tier 3s, consume ale.
  • Suggestions include a ledger to track resources for better management.

Insights into Ale Consumption

Me, living on a tier 1 burgage plot myself: yes, we do. – Lord_Waldemar

Everyone drinks ale. Not just level 3s. It’s a prerequisite for reaching level 3. – Dandoliki

Game Mechanics Discussion

This is why we need a ledger. – fusionsofwonder

Previously, ale consumption was abnormally high, making local sourcing challenging. – axeteam

Humorous Observations

Everybody but the chicken is a raging alcoholic, I suspect. – bukhrin

Alcoholism at that level cannot be kept secret. – heajabroni

As a tier 1 burgage plot, I can’t tell you how much alcohol helps when watching our king. – The_Last_Snow-Elf

If it’s available, they take it. 8 types of food? Ale? Yes, please. – Kedryn71

Players in Manor Lords bring humor and insights to the mysterious vanishing ale conundrum. From tier 1 burgage plots to potential alcoholism, the community is abuzz with theories and suggestions on managing resources better. As you delve deeper into your medieval management journey, remember to monitor your ale closely, for in Manor Lords, it seems everyone has a taste for the brew, be it serf or noble, and perhaps even the chickens!