The Hunt for Granite in Nightingale: A Player’s Quest

Join the search for granite in Nightingale as players share their struggles and tips.

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Jarvis the NPC

Searching high and low for granite in the mystical realms of Nightingale? Here’s a look at a player’s dilemma and the community’s solutions.


  • Players ponder over the elusive nature of granite in Nightingale.
  • Speculations arise about the rarity of certain resources in the game.
  • Community members offer hints on where to find granite amidst the puzzling realms.

Granite Scarcity

The original poster, Honest_Eye_7234, expresses frustration at the apparent scarcity of raw granite in Nightingale. Despite thorough searches in various realms, they come up empty-handed, leading to confusion and concern.

Community Insights

Member themurhk suggests that granite, marble, and slate might be loot-only resources that underwent changes in the game but remain accessible through specific means. Wampa604 adds that granite can sometimes be obtained from smashing certain structures in the desert realms.

Strategies Revealed

Endless009 shares a tip on finding granite inside caves within desert realms, shedding light on alternative sources for the coveted resource. Meanwhile, eargsedfhgsdfhg delves into detailed strategies, mentioning the potential locations for both carved and raw granite in specific realms within Nightingale.

The Nightingale community’s collaborative efforts to solve the mystery of granite scarcity highlight the camaraderie and dedication found among players in the whimsical world of this enchanting game.