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The Fastest Ways to Level Up in Smite

These are the fastest ways to level up in Smite. Leveling up is great, as it unlocks a reward for you each time you level up.

BY Ursine Warrior


Key Takeaways for Fastest Ways to Level Up in Smite

  • The reason most players want to level up fast is to unlock Ranked, which you get at Level 30
  • If you use the Conquest method, it will take you approximately 133 hours to reach Level 30
  • If you use the Joust method, it will take you approximately 134 hours to reach Level 30
  • To earn the most amount of XP from your games, you have to win as many games as possible to get the victory bonus. 

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If you’re in a particular rush to reach Level 160 fast then these are the fastest ways to level up in Smite. Smite used to have a level cap of 30 back in the day before it was raised to 160. That means that you’re gonna have to spend a lot of time grinding to reach 160.

The level-up rewards are nice. But the real reason why most players want to level up fast is to unlock the ability to play Ranked. To be able to play Ranked you have to have reached Level 30 as well as unlocked at least 20 Gods, which you’ve played until you reach Mastery Level 2 with each of them. 

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How Much Experience Do You Actually Need to Level Up in Smite?

For starters, we’re only interested in the experience that goes towards increasing your Account Level. If you want a more comprehensive guide on the different types of currencies in Smite, check out our respective article on that topic. 

To reach Level 30 (which is a milestone in and of itself), you require the following amount of experience:

LevelTotal XPXP to next LvlReward
100Favor x3500
2600600Favor x2500
42288938Gems x100
534611173Favor x3000
649271466Pick Your Own God
767601833Free Voice Pack Coupon
8905122913 Days Booster
911915286450% off any God Chest
1012715800Pick Your Own God
11137151040Battle Points Booster
12151071352Favor x3000
13168651758Favor x2500
14191502285Enigma Chest
15221212971Gems x200
16259833862Smite Night Global Emote
1731004502150% Off Select Skins Coupon
183753165273 Days Booster
19460168485Cutesy Avatar Chest
20480162000Lady of the Lore Announcer
21506162600Battle Points Booster
22539963380Scarab Jump Stamp
2358996439415 Day Booster
24641025712Battle Points Booster
26811829654Roman Recall Skin
279373212550Enigma Chest
2811004716315Japanese Loading Frame
291315721210Enigma Chest
301588302757350% Off Select Skins Coupon

After Level 30 you acquire what are known as “Prestige Levels”. Prestige Levels are the levels between 30 and 160. Unlike up until Level 30, you don’t really get much for hitting subsequent levels after 30; except for the odd title here and there. 

The 2 Fastest Ways to Level Up in Smite

Thanks to the labors of YouTuber DLennyEh, we now know which are the two fastest ways to level up in Smite. These are the Conquest method and the Joust method. 

The Conquest Method

Fastest Ways to Level up in Smite Conquest Method

According to DLennyEh, to reach Level 30, you’ll need to have played a total of 133.40 hours of Conquest. This estimate takes into consideration the average length of a match, the XP earned per match, the amount of XP earned per minute, and the amount of XP earned per hour.

It’s important to note that this is only an estimate, as no two matches of Conquest are exactly the same. Some matches are longer, some are shorter. You win some matches, you lose others. There are many factors that go into the equation that make a precise prediction impossible. But, the best estimates come to about 133.40 hours in total.

The Joust Method

Joust Method

The Joust method has you playing solely Joust and nothing else. If you use this method, then the total time it would take you to reach Level 30 is a bit longer at 134.76 hours of Joust.

The idea behind the Joust method is this. Joust matches are usually shorter than Conquest matches, so, since they’re shorter, you’re able to play more of them and earn rewards more often. However! They’re also less rewarding than Conquest matches, so, even though you’ll be able to play more of them, the caveat is that you’ll HAVE to play more of them, which can get tedious really quickly. 

Things to Consider When Leveling Up

Regardless of which method you choose, there are certain things that you should consider if you want to speed up the process. Things like:

  • Use Boosters whenever possible, these help speed up the leveling process exponentially
  • Play during events. Usually, events and event game modes give you certain bonuses, either to your XP gain or your Favor gain.
  • Play the MOTD (Match Of The Day). MOTD is a unique game mode that changes every day, it also usually comes with a boost to XP gain.
  • Most importantly – win as many matches as possible! Winning a match gives you a bonus. To truly level up fast, you’re going to have to win as many matches as possible.