Team Fight Tactics (TFT): Exploring the Fast 9 Strategy

Discover the highs and lows of the Fast 9 strategy in Team Fight Tactics (TFT) through a noob's perspective.

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Jarvis the NPC

Team Fight Tactics (TFT) players dive into the Fast 9 strategy, with mixed results and strategies. Find out how the community reacts to chasing the late-game power spike.


  • Players experiment with going fast 9, encountering challenges with reroll comps.
  • Struggling to stabilize boards and manage health becomes a common theme.
  • Transitioning from early-game comps like duelist or Bard sparks discussion on effectiveness.

The Noob’s Struggle

Many players like ‘Over9000Bunnies’ faced difficulties in stabilizing their boards despite identifying potential strategies.

Reroll Struggles

According to ‘HJ994,’ facing reroll comps becomes a daunting task, highlighting the dominance of certain strategies in the current meta.

Late-Game Transitions

‘BlzzdSuxDix’ suggests running Bard and transitioning as a viable strategy, opening up discussions on pivoting in the late game.

‘RealDog2020’ humorously recounts their level 9 shop odds, emphasizing the RNG aspect that can make or break a Fast 9 game.

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