Tapping into the Gameplay Strategy Debate for Destiny 2: Analyzing Community Insights

Is the famed pipe/cable strategy for Destiny 2 actually worthwhile? We dive into player debates and untangle this net of opinions.

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In an intriguing discourse about ‘Destiny 2’, a user, PrisonaPlanet, stirred up a debate on strategy optimization, questioning the effectiveness of the infamous pipe/cable “cheese” strategy. According to him, it seemingly leads to an even more difficult encounter and unnecessarily prolongs the gameplay.


  • The general consensus indicates a mixed response to the strategy.
  • Some players clearly oppose it while others stand in defense.
  • No concrete solution is reached as sentiment sways between both ends of the spectrum.


Among those disagreeing with the cheese strategy, CaydeFromTheAshes considers it casual and suitable for solo mode, but tedious for teams. It may even lead to untimely deaths if enforced after a refusal. Further validating this point is BeyondGray’s blunt remark, ‘Average D2 LFG player.’


Among the supporters we find, Theidiotgenius718 had plainly expressed solace under the steps on the right, indicating a preference for conventional gameplay. On a humorous note, bassem68 leverages Cabal on Mars’ war to laud the strategic importance of stairs.

The Middle-Ground

While there are strong opinions both ways, a few have found a middle ground. ParallelMusic cautions against underestimating the destiny community’s elaborately crafted ‘cheeses’. InvalidPlayers find the ‘cheese’ taking away the fun and challenge, thus emphasizing the lack of need for it.

Given the mixed thoughts and feelings, it seems the game’s brilliance lies in the fact that it caters to an array of gamers with different preferences. Players should feel free to explore their unique strategies, as there doesn’t seem to be a universally accepted ‘best strategy’. It’s all about what works for you. Destiny 2 is, after all, a game – an escape to explore, experiment, enjoy, and even err. Happy gaming, Guardians!