Starfield Romance Choices: Players Share their First In-Game Crush

Decoding the sentiment of Starfield players on their first in-game romance and what sparked their interest.

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In Starfield, the game’s romance options are straightforward, with four central characters integral to the mystery-driven plot available for romance. To build a romantic relationship, players must progress through the main mission to meet these characters and subsequently raise their fondness by choosing appropriate dialogue options and spending time together. The romanceable companions are members of Constellation: Sarah Morgan, Barrett, Sam Coe, and Andreja.  A recent discussion brought light to some interesting player choices.


  • Choice of in-game partner exhibits a player’s unique gaming aim and character sympathy.
  • Players’ preferences can be influenced by character development or appreciation for character design.
  • Many players seek more than just a visual appeal; they enjoy depth of character.

Character Appeal

If you’re into the unconventional, user MkLiam might seem relatable. Preferring the magnetic pull of something more mysterious, they admitted they would have courted the robot if given a chance. Others like koltovince have a soft spot for Andreja, bringing something rather poetic to the table.

For the Achievements or for Science?

Lunar_Lunacy_Stuff confessed to choosing Barret primarily for the achievement, but ultimately found him to be ‘all around classy’. Then we have our academic lovers like serenading_scug who skipped the emotional roller coaster for a chance to immerse themselves completely in the intriguing universe of Starfield.

Change of Heart

Change is the only constant and users like epicnickname420 and YurijWasASpaceman discovered this as their gaming progress affected their romance choices in Starfield. Their initial choices didn’t quite hit the spot, leading them to explore other options.

Whether it’s aesthetics or complex narratives, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of unique elements giving rise to a spectrum of preferences among gamers. What we learn from here is the fact that when it comes to gaming, just like in life, everyone’s approach can be drastically different but uniquely enjoyable. So, keep exploring and keep romancing!