Smite Zeus Guide: The God of the Sky

Welcome to our Smite Zeus guide. Zeus, the most important God in Greek mythology… also the reason for about 50% of the entire drama in Greek mythology.

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Smite Zeus Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Zeus Guide

  • Zeus is one of the rare Mages who benefit from Attack Speed Builds
  • Always start your combos with your AoE abilities
  • Manikin Hidden Blade is the best starter for Zeus hands down

Zeus is quite the interesting God indeed. Simply put, if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have around 50% (if not more) of the stories we have saved from Greek mythology. The man ( or should I say God) simply couldn’t keep it in his pants.

A majority of the Greek Gods are either directly his progeny or are related to him in some way. That’s not the reason he’s the “King of Olympus” however. He got that title after he vanquished his father, Chronos, and usurped the title from him. 

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Zeus’ Abilities

Zeus Abilities

Starting off with his passive, we have Overcharge. Each time Zeus lands a basic attack against an enemy God they receive a charge. Each charge increases the amount of damage Zeus does to said God by 30%. 

Now, you can technically build Zeus however you want. But to get the most out of him it’s recommended to use an Attack Speed build, as his passive gets the most benefits that way. 

Chain Lightning is his first ability. It’s basically a skill shot-type ability that sends out a bolt of lightning wherever you’re aiming. As an added effect, if there are any enemies nearby it also arcs to them. This ability also slows down any enemies hit.

Aegis Assault is a ranged AoE ability. This ability makes Zeus throw his shield to a chosen destination, whereupon arriving it deals damage and applies a Movement and Attack Speed debuff to any enemies in the area. It also continues to do static damage to any enemies who persist inside the ability.

Detonate Charge is Zeus’ third ability. By itself, it does nothing. However, if you’ve stacked charges on a given enemy it deals large amounts of damage to them. The damage is also multiplied by the amount of charges you have. 

Finally, we have his ultimate – Lightning Storm! Lightning Storm does exactly what it says. Upon activating this ability, Zeus creates a massive lightning storm in the chosen area, dealing massive amounts of damage with each hit and applying charges onto the enemy. 

Ideal Zeus Build

Smite Zeus Guide Zeus Items

Zeus is one of the rare Mages that actually benefits from an Attack Speed build. So, here’s how to properly go about implementing an Attack Speed build for him. 

Get a Mankin’s Scepter as a starter and a pair of Mystical Earings. Upgrade the earrings into Griffonwing Earrings as soon as you can. Follow that up with a Divine Ruin to add insult to injury by giving your basic attacks chain lightning as well.

After that, get a Cyclopean Ring, a Perfected Rod of Tahuti, and a Telkhines Ring. With all these items you’ll have achieved the perfect mix of Magical Penetration, Power, Attack Speed, and most importantly – utility! Also! Don’t forget to upgrade your Scepter into a Manikin Hidden Blade at Level 20.

For relics, you can really go with whatever you’d like. However, you’re most likely going to be the target in most team fights. So, it’s preferable that you get an Aegis of Immortality and a Cursed Ankh. The latter will help you win each team fight while the former will help you survive the unfavorable team fights. 

Tips for Playing With Zeus

  • Always start your combos with your AoE abilities to get the most charges on the enemy team
  • Always have a mana pot on hand at the start of the game. You’ll never know when you’ll need to detonate the charges on a fleeing enemy
  • CC is your worst enemy. As such, don’t be the one that initiates fights, as you’ll probably be the one who eats all the CC from the enemy team