Smite Kali Guide: The Goddess of Destruction

Welcome to our Smite Kali Guide. Kali is the Goddess of Destruction in Hindu mythology, and that fact is accurately represented in-game, as she’s one of the most terrifying opponents to face.

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Smite Kali Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Kali Guide

  • Kali is probably one of the deadliest Assassins in the game
  • When playing with Kali, focus on farming as much as possible. She’s weak at the start, but deadly near the end of the game
  • Don’t forget that your ultimate can be used for survival as well, not just for offense

In Hindu mythology, Kali is considered the Goddess of Time and Destruction, leaving nothing but death and devastation behind her. Kali came to be when the goddess Durga adopted the form of Kali in her bout against the demon Raktabija and his many clones. 

Most of the time Kali sits as but a shadow in Devi’s mind, only springing up in times of great strife. It is said that each time Kali awakens, there is a change that all of creation will end. 

Another fun fact. According to Puranic sources, we are currently living in the Kali Yuga, which is scheduled to end somewhere around the year 428,899 CE. The Kali Yuga is an age of strife where Earth’s inhabitants suffer from disease, war, hunger, thirst, social strife, and severe anxiety. How exhilarating!

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Kali’s Abilities

Kali Abilities

Starting off with her passive, we have Marked for Death. Kali can select a God to mark, Gods that are marked give Kali increased Physical Penetration against said Gods. And if Kali manages to score a kill on said God she also heals 40% of her Max HP instantly (only 15% for assists though). 

Nimble Strike is a ranged AoE ability that makes Kali jump upwards into the air, after which she lands at the target destination and deals damage to anyone caught in the zone. This ability also her for 15% of the target’s missing Health. 

Lash is a skill shot-type ability. It’s quite unique in that it sends out three blades that all meet at a single point along the line. So, if you’re accurate, you’d ideally land all three blades on target. The individual blades don’t really do that much damage by themselves, it’s the bleed that they apply on the target that really gives you the most utility. 

Incense is Kali’s third ability. It’s an AoE ability that affects any enemies currently around Kali. The ability itself doesn’t really do any damage, however, it does stun any enemies caught in the blast. As a further benefit, it also gives Kali a Physical Power buff that lasts for a few seconds. 

Finally, we have Destruction, Kali’s ultimate ability. Once activated, Kali begins to channel destruction itself around her, dealing insane amounts of damage to all enemies around her. This ability also makes Kali immune to most CCs, and as a further benefit, Kali cannot be killed so long as she’s channeling this ability. 

Ideal Kali Build

Smite Kali Guide Kali Build

Since Kali’s an Assassin, that means that she’s automatically allocated to Jungler duties. Assassins can be quite versatile with the builds that they can use. However, it’s highly recommended that you use a Crit Build with Kali, to reap the most benefits. 

Start off by grabbing an Eye of the Jungle and Spiked Gauntlets, along with your usual assortment of potions. Upgrade the gauntlets into a Soul Eater as soon as possible and start building those stacks. The same is true of Rage, which is your third item. Acquire all your stacks as soon as possible. 

From there, grab a Deathbringer and evolve it into an Envenomed Deathbringer. Follow that up with Qin’s Sais, and a Bladed Boomerang. At level 20, upgrade your Eye into a Protector of the Jungle.

For relics, you really have 2 things to worry about positioning and CC. A Blink Rune will solve your first problem, while Purification Beads will solve the second problem. It’s best to upgrade these relics into a Corrupted Blink Rune & Temporal Beads to get the most benefits.

Tips for Playing With Kali

  • Always use your third ability before casting your ultimate to gain the most benefits
  • Most of your abilities heal you in some way, which gives you great staying power in fights
  • In a pinch, you can use your ultimate ability to survive a deadly encounter. Better to have to suffer a cooldown than a respawn timer