Smite Geb Guide: The God of Earth

Welcome to our Smite Geb guide. Geb is the God of Earth, so, if you’ve ever littered before - just know that Geb is very disappointed in you.

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Smite Geb Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Geb Guide

  • Geb has natural resilience to Critical Strikes
  • Geb is currently one of the strongest Guardians in the game
  • His first and second abilities react differently based on the range you cast them at

A lot of things can be said about Smite’s Geb. But if you asked me about his taste in music, all I can say is that he’s a big fan of rock…

Bad jokes aside. Geb has quite the tragic backstory. In the days of old, Geb and the sky Goddess, Nut, were lovers; this was so until Ra deemed their relationship unfit. So, to split them up, he sent the wind God, Shu, to separate them. This enraged Geb who thundered and unleashed great earthquakes upon the Earth, but to no avail.

No matter what Geb did, however, he could not reunite with his former lover. All that was left for him was to do his duty. And his duty he did, giving both bountiful harvests and devastating earthquakes – as his duty demands.

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Geb’s Abilities

Gen Abilities

Starting with his passive, we have Hard as Rock. The bonus damage of Critical Strikes is reduced by 65%. This means that Geb is a walking Spectral Armor, a natural anti-Crit Build, so to say. 

Roll Out is Geb’s first ability. Whenever Geb cats this ability, he transforms into a giant boulder and starts tumbling in whichever direction you choose. Geb slows any enemies he passes through while in this state, upon hitting an enemy God he deals massive damage to them as well as knocking them back. While in this state, Geb is completely immune to any CCs.

Shock Wave is Geb’s second ability. It’s a cone-type ability that deals damage in a cone in front of Geb. The notable thing about this ability is that it has quite a large range, the drawback however is that the farther away an enemy is, the less damage this ability does to them. However, regardless of range, any enemies caught in the blast are knocked up. 

Stone Shield is Geb’s third ability. It’s a castable shield that Geb can apply either to himself or onto his allies. The shield lasts for a few seconds, or until it is destroyed. Though, the greatest feature of this ability is the fact that it cleanses CCs from the target it’s applied to. 

Finally, we have Cataclysm, Geb’s ultimate ability. Whenever Geb casts this ability, he starts channeling and becomes temporarily immune to CCs. Once he finishes channeling the ability, he causes a devastating earthquake around him, damaging and stunning any enemies caught in the zone. This ability also deals additional damage based on the target’s current Health percentage.

Ideal Geb Build

Smite Geb Guide Geb Build

Because of his passive, Geb has a natural Spectrals, so you don’t have to worry about Critical Strikes as much. You’re still gonna want to go for a Defensive Build though, if you want to get the most out of him.

Start off with a Sentinel’s Gift and a Glowing Emerald as well as the usual assortment of potions. Upgrade the Emerald into a Gauntlet of Thebes as soon as you can. Follow that up with a Hearthward Amulet with the Amulet of the Stronghold glyph.

Follow those items up with a Contagion, a Mail of Renewal, and a Breastplate of Valor. Whenever you have the possibility, upgrade your Sentinel’s Gift into a Sentinel’s Embrace. With all these items combined, you’ll have the perfect mix of both Physical and Magical defense, as well as a ton of health.

For relics, you really only have 2 options available – a Blink Rune and a Shield of Thorns. Other relics might be helpful in certain situations, but these are the most useful all around.

Tips for Playing With Geb

  • Always blink behind the enemy team and knock them up toward your own team
  • Don’t cast your first ability at point-blank range, it’s practically useless if you do so