Smite Bakasura Guide: The Great Devourer

Welcome to our Smite Bakasura guide. With a title like “The Great Devourer”, you just know that Bakasura is one hungry boy!

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Smite Bakasura Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Bakasura Guide

  • Bakasura needs a lot of farm to be effective
  • Don’t build items that enhance your abilities, as you get most of your damage from basic attacks
  • Bakasura can use a variety of builds, though, he shines the most with Attack Speed builds

Smite’s Bakasura is definitely one hungry boy. Thankfully though, he really isn’t a picky eater and will happily munch down on anything you put in front of him, be it an enemy minion, a God, or even the enemy’s towers.

It is said in legends that Bakasura’s hunger was so great that he would eat an entire cart’s worth of food every day… along with the unfortunate soul who was tasked to bring Bakasura his daily morsel. That is until he encountered someone with an even bigger appetite than his.

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Bakasura’s Abilities

Bakasura Abilities

Starting with his passive, we have Insatiable Hunger. Insatiable Hunger increases Bakasura’s Attack and Movement speed temporarily each time he kills an enemy. This effect can stack up to a maximum of 3 times. 

Take Down is a typical AoE pounce ability. The unique thing about this ability however is that it increases the damage taken by enemy Gods caught in the blast by 10%. This includes all sources of damage, not just the damage that’s coming from Bakasura. As an added effect, it also slaps them with a Healing Reduction debuff.

Eat Minion is, well, pretty self-explanatory really. Whenever you cast Eat Minion, Bakasura munches down on a minion. As he’s munching down on the minion he gets a portion of his Health and Mana restored, as well as an increase to his Protections. On top of all that, he also has the cooldowns on his first and third abilities reduced by 2 seconds. 

Butcher Blades is Bakasura’s third ability. Whenever you cast this ability, Bakasura empowers his physical attacks by gaining increased Physical Power and True Damage with each strike. Keep in mind that this ability does not trigger the effect of certain items like The Crusher for example. 

Regurgitate is Bakasura’s ultimate ability. Whenever Bakasura activates this ability he regurgitates all of the minions he’s eaten up to that point, which now fight for him. Any enemies caught in the ability receive a nasty slow. On top of all that, Bakasura’s basic attacks also begin to hit enemies in a cone. As a cherry on top, Bakasura also receives temporary CC immunity. 

Ideal Bakasura Build

Smite Bakasura Guide Bakasura Items

Assassins like Bakasura aren’t really restricted in what they should build. However, to really shine with him you’re going to want to go for a Jungler-appropriated Attack Speed build. 

Start off by getting an Eye of the Jungle and a Katana. After you’ve gathered enough money, upgrade your Katana into a Hastened Katana. From there, start collecting money for Qin’s Sais. With these two items in the bag, you have 2 out of the 3 core items you need.

After those, grab a Dominance, a Silverbranch Bow (your 3rd and last core item), and a Demon Blade to round out the build. Once you hit Level 20, upgrade your Eye into a Protector of the Jungle and you’re basically set.

For your relics, you should always go with a Blink Rune for your first relic. The following relic can be whatever you want, but a Horrific Emblem will be the most useful for ganks and team fights. 

Tips for Playing With Bakasura

  • Farm as much as possible early on. Bakasura is really weak at the beginning of the game but get’s progressively stronger the longer the match progresses
  • Building items that enhance your abilities is useless, as you get the most damage out of your basic attacks
  • CC is your worst enemy. Target the Gods with the most CC first.