Smite Agni Guide: The God of Fire

Welcome to our Smite Agni Guide. Agni is the God of Fire in Hindu mythology, though he definitely brings more than just a fiery personality to the table.

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Smite Agni Guide

Key Takeaways for Smite Agni Guide

  • Agni has some of the highest burst damage in the game
  • His ultimate can be cast 3 times in a row
  • Agni works best if you mix Attack Speed with Maximum Magical Power builds, as those types of builds tend to emphasize his strengths the most 

Smite’s Angi is living proof that you should sometime play with fire. Agni’s role within the Hindu pantheon is that of God of Fire, not a small task by any means. Seriously! If you were to read what duties Agni has in Hindu cosmology, your head would combust (no pun intended… maybe a little).

Agni is the twin brother of Idra, the God of Heaven, and chief among warriors; which are part of the Kshatriya caste. While Agni is the chief among priests, which are part of the Brahmin caste. This is an important fact as almost every ritual in the Hindu faith is performed in front of a burning fire. So, in a sense, Agni is the messenger that carries our pleas to the Gods.

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Agni’s Abilities

Agni Abilities

Starting with his passive, we have Combustion. Whenever you hit an enemy with a basic attack you apply one stack of Combustion on them. Hitting a God applies 2 stacks. At 4 stacks, Agni’s next Flame Wave or Rain Fire will ignite the stacks, causing the enemy to take damage over time. 

Noxious Fumes is Agni’s first ability. It’s a ranged AoE-type ability that spawns a cloud of noxious fumes at a given location. The damage this cloud does is minimal, however, if one of your other abilities hits this cloud, it causes a spontaneous combustion that deals loads of damage and stuns the target.

Flame Wave is Agni’s second ability. The name is pretty self-explanatory really. Whenever you activate this ability, Agni sends out a wall of flames in the direction you’re aiming at. Anything less than Ymir’s beard gets burned to a crisp instantaneously. 

Path of Flame is a dash-type ability. Whenever you activate this ability, Agni dashes in front of where he’s facing, leaving behind a burning trail of coals that deals damage to any enemies that walk onto it. 

Finally, we come to Agni’s ultimate ability – Rain Fire. This one’s also pretty self-explanatory. Every 18 seconds, Agni gains a flaming halo, which he can use to cast down a huge fiery meteor at a target location. 

What’s great about this ability is that you only need 0.8 seconds before you can cast the subsequent meteor. This is one of the most damaging abilities in the game if you can land all 3 shots. 

Ideal Agni Build

Smite Agni Guide Agni Build

Few Mages can match the versatility that Agni has with his builds. Truth be told, you can freely experiment with whatever builds you want with Agni and it will most likely turn out ok. Though, for the best results, an appropriated Maximum Magical Power build is advised. For example.

Start the game by getting a Manikins Scepter and an Emerald Ring. Upgrade your Ring into a Cyclopean Ring as soon as you have the money. After that, grab Griffonwing Earrings. With those two items in the bag, you’re practically done with Attack Speed items.

The following items will serve to maximize your Magical Power. Start by getting the Polynomicon, the Soul Reaver, and a Rod of Tahuti which you should upgrade into the Perfected Rod of Tahuti. The final item on your list should be Manikin Mace, which you should get once it becomes available at Level 20. 

You’re going to be doing lots of damage with this build, which will make you a primary target for the enemy team. To maximize your survivability you should get a Blink Rune and the Aegis of Immortality. Every other relic is situational. 

Tips for Playing With Agni

  • Synchronize your abilities with the God that has the most CCs on your team to maximize your damage
  • Your ultimate is great for reaching out at range, use it to target the squishiest enemies first
  • Path of Flames is mostly used to escape from unwanted situations, don’t include it in your combos