Sim Racing: Should I Upgrade my Pedals?

Deciding whether to upgrade sim racing pedals is a major dilemma for Toxyc_Reddit. Reddit users weigh in with plenty of suggestions and tips.

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Sim Racing enthusiasts are always looking for ways to elevate their gaming experience. One Reddit user, Toxyc_Reddit, is grappling with a common dilemma – whether to upgrade his CSL-Elite V1 pedals. After close to 4 years of faithful service, the pedals show signs of wear and tear. To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question!


  • Users propose various upgrade options, from repair kits to new pedal sets.
  • Recommendations include Heusinkveld Sprint elastomers and Simagic P1000/2000 pedals as potential upgrades.
  • Advice on considering longevity and future racing desires when selecting pedals.
  • References to personal experiences with different pedal upgrades, highlighting the impact on gameplay.

Users’ Recommendations on Upgrading Pedals

Several users provided their insights on the dilemma Toxyc_Reddit faced. Sprungnickel suggested considering a load cell kit or replacement foam to enhance the V1 pedals rather than opting for a complete upgrade.

PietVeerman16 recommended the SRP pedals with a performance kit, praising their firmness and realistic feel, endorsing them for a satisfying racing experience.

Maclittle13 advised that it might be time for an upgrade, sharing their experience with using a soft elastomer as an alternative to foam and discussing their upgrade journey to Simagic P1000 pedals.

Users’ Perspectives on Upgrade Choices

TheArconian cautioned against upgrading from CSL v1 to v2 pedals, suggesting alternative upgrades like Heusinkveld Sprint elastomers for a significant improvement without breaking the bank.

Chew-Magna shared their positive experience upgrading from CLS Elite LC to Cammus LC100, emphasizing the substantial difference adjustability can make in gameplay.

Tarushdei favored repairs over upgrades, noting that the suggested pedals were more of a side-grade and recommended considering higher-tier options like Simagic P1000/2000 or Heusinkveld Sprints.

Users’ Cost-Effective Solutions

-5d5d- highlighted a cost-effective upgrade by adding a compression spring to their V1 pedals, showcasing how minor tweaks can enhance performance without a hefty price tag.

In the world of sim racing, upgrading equipment is a major decision that can significantly impact the gaming experience. With a plethora of options available, users on Reddit provided Toxyc_Reddit with valuable insights and suggestions to consider before making a pedal upgrade choice. The key takeaway is to balance personal preferences, budget, and long-term gaming goals to ensure a smooth and enjoyable racing experience.