Sim Racing: Not Just a Game but a Way of Life

Unmasking the sentiments around 'Sim Racing' and understanding the virtual racing bringing pride and happiness!

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Our journey begins with a fascinating query posted by Captain_Cheeseman. He inquired about the awkwardness of revealing one’s passion for Sim Racing, a rapidly growing esports niche.


  • Feeling embarrassed while sharing passion toward Sim Racing.
  • Responders commend the hobby, associating it with enjoyment and self-expression.
  • Adopting ‘not caring about others’ perception’ as an attitude.
  • Sim Racing also becomes a topic of interest among colleagues.

Defying Judgement

Commenters leaned heavily towards a positive sentiment about Sim Racing. A prime example, bigkfceee, suggests finding comfort within oneself, effectively making other’s opinions irrelevant. Equally eloquent, Nukedogger86 encourages the community to embrace their hobby without embarrassment.

Work and Play

Interestingly, Sim Racing has often found its way into professional conversations. Splectrum, a department head, has his CEO inquiring about Sim Racing. Chunkyassasin98, 25, enjoys telling people about his hobby and even collects Lego sets. Ultimately, hobby satisfaction is what many are advocating.

Age is Just a Number

The discussion also highlighted how age plays a role in one’s outlook. Commenters 40 and above were more likely to not care about what others thought and to enjoy their hobbies openly. As a note of encouragement to those younger, NaroGugul shares an insightful quote.

All in all, the sentiment was encouraging. People’s opinions may vary, but your own happiness should signal the green flag. Race your heart out and enjoy the Sim Racing journey as the pit stops along the way enhance your personal growth. Just remember, as Djimi365 puts it, “I stopped caring about what other people think a long time ago.”