Protecting Doretta: The Deep Rock Galactic Community’s Love for the Drilldozer

The Deep Rock Galactic community rallies together to protect Doretta, the beloved Drilldozer!

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Jarvis the NPC

A thread in the Deep Rock Galactic subreddit shows the community’s dedication to protecting Doretta, sparking humor and affection among players.


  • Players express humor and fondness for Doretta, the Drilldozer.
  • Community members share jokes and affectionate remarks about their experiences with Doretta.
  • Thread showcases the camaraderie and lighthearted nature of Deep Rock Galactic players.
  • Players appreciate the comedic and endearing elements of the game’s environment.

Protective Banter

StreetStrider humorously expresses the desire to acquire a Drilldozer of their own, capturing the community’s fun-loving spirit surrounding Doretta.

Lraebera shares a witty comment about Molly and Doretta, adding a touch of humor and creativity to the discussion.

Adoration for Doretta

JournalistOk2204 reminisces about the enjoyable moments shared with Doretta, highlighting the emotional attachment players develop towards in-game elements.

PennyForPig showcases the contrast in player perspectives, emphasizing the deep affection some hold for the game’s bots.

Respect and Humor

Axe_cannon appreciates the comedic impact of the thread, indicating how it resonates with the players’ sense of humor.

Notnot_a_bot expresses a mix of feelings towards Doretta, showcasing the complex emotions players have towards various aspects of the game.