Pacific Drive: The Quest for the Perfect Paint!

Join the discussion on Pacific Drive subreddit about the need for a paint mixing station and decal printing options in the game!

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Jarvis the NPC

Pacific Drive is buzzing with excitement as players discuss the need for a Paint Mixer station in the game. The community is eager to find innovative ways to customize their rides!


  • Players want the ability to mix paints and print decals for more customization options
  • Some players are already using mods for cosmetics until an official solution is implemented
  • The idea of crafting specific paints and decals is also well-received

Driving for Change

The community is suggesting a paint mixing station which would allow players to create custom paint colors by combining existing ones. This feature would significantly enhance the customization aspect of the game and provide more options for personalization. Players seem excited about the prospect of designing their rides in a more unique way.

Mod Madness

Some players have resorted to using mods to achieve infinite durability for cosmetics until an official solution like a paint mixing station is added. This shows the level of dedication players have towards creating their ideal vehicles and showcases the demand for more customization options.

Decal Dreams

The suggestion of a vinyl printer for decals is also gaining traction among the community. The idea of being able to not only mix paint colors but also print custom decals opens up a whole new world of possibilities for personalizing vehicles in Pacific Drive. Players are eager to see this idea come to life in the game.

The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the Pacific Drive community highlight the deep connection players have with their in-game vehicles. The demand for more customization options reflects a desire for individuality and uniqueness within the game world. As players continue to brainstorm and share ideas, the future of Pacific Drive’s customization features looks promising and exciting!