Overwatch: The Love-Hate Relationship We Just Can’t Quit

An in-depth look at the rollercoaster of emotions experienced by the Overwatch gaming community.

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Gaming communities everywhere know that Overwatch can be as addictive as it is frustrating. The sentiments expressed in a post by user Gaymface capture a common thread among community members.


  • User Gaymface bemoans the decay of the gaming experience, with mismatched gaming dynamics and stubborn teammates often determining match outcomes.
  • The reduction to one tank character was highlighted as a particularly detrimental change.
  • The community appears divided, with some still finding enjoyment despite issues.

The Crux of the Concern

Gaymface pours out frustration with the game stating, ‘Every game is a stomp’. A sentiment seconded by user DM725 who points to 5v5 being the cause of many one-sided matches. Coupled with an ineffective or heavily countered tank character, the sense of feeling powerless is a common thread.

Two Sides to the Coin

Despite the grievances, there are those like ImaginaryMairi who are still having a blast in the game. Whether it’s blissful ignorance from newer players or a glass-half-full mindset, it provides relief to the negativity. Some even enjoy the challenge: Mighty-pigeon shares his strategy on turning stupidity into a plan.

Fixing the Unfixable?

With gamers divided and issues apparent, the future of Overwatch hangs in balance. There are common threads in the frustrations expressed – the call for greater balance and better team dynamics. However, whether these issues can be, or will be, addressed by game makers is still uncertain.

The Overwatch community continues to remain a whirlwind of emotions. From the frustration of mismatched gaming mechanics to the thrill of nailing that impossible shot. The love-hate relationship persists, proving NFL player Marshawn Lynch’s words true: ‘I know I’m gonna get got, but I’m going to get mine more than I get got, though.’