Nova Gaming: The BEST Loadout For New Players In Helldivers 2 – (Beginners Guide)

Learn the best loadout for beginners in Helldivers 2 with Nova Gaming's helpful guide. Watch the video to find out more!

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Helldivers 2 is a challenging game for new players, but Nova Gaming has the perfect loadout to help you succeed. In this video, Nova Gaming recommends the sg8 Punisher shotgun as the best primary weapon for beginners. With a large magazine and manageable recoil, it outperforms other starting weapons. As for the secondary pistol, Nova Gaming suggests the p19 Redeemer, a fully automatic machine pistol with a bigger capacity and less recoil. When it comes to grenades, it’s a matter of personal preference, but Nova Gaming explains the pros and cons of different options.

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Key Takeaways:

  • The sg8 Punisher shotgun is the best primary weapon for beginners
  • The p19 Redeemer is a superior secondary pistol
  • Choose your grenades based on fuse time and damage
  • Consider the machine gun Sentry, orbital Precision strike, and eagle air strike as strategems

Primary Weapon: sg8 Punisher Shotgun

The sg8 Punisher shotgun is Nova Gaming’s top choice for beginners. It has a large magazine, deals significant damage, and has manageable recoil. Unlike other starting weapons, it outperforms in terms of strength and effectiveness.

Secondary Weapon: p19 Redeemer Machine Pistol

The p19 Redeemer machine pistol is Nova Gaming’s recommended secondary weapon for new players. It offers fully automatic fire, the same damage as the starting pistol, a larger capacity, and reduced recoil. Overall, it provides a better experience and performance.

Grenades: Personal Preference

When it comes to grenades, Nova Gaming explains the trade-offs between different options. The grenade from the early battle pass has a shorter fuse time, making it more effective against bugs that walk away. However, it deals 250 less damage than the starter grenade, which is better suited for stronger bugs.