Minecraft Showdown: Sniffer vs Copper Golem – Community Thoughts!

Discover the Minecraft community's opinion on a hypothetical mob vote between the Sniffer and the Copper Golem.

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Contemplation is stirring in the Minecraft community regarding a hypothetical mob vote. What if it was between the Sniffer and the Copper Golem? Let’s delve into what the Minecraft aficionados think!


  • There’s a toss-up between affection for the Copper Golem and the Sniffer.
  • Some users express disappointment about discarded mob designs from previous votes.
  • The functionality of mobs is also under scrutiny.

User Sentiments

Initial support for the Copper Golem seems obvious. User Ianimatestuf simply says, ‘Copper golem my homie’, while SteampunkEngineer767 backs the golem as ‘we need more golems’. Contrarily, LadyAnye considers the Copper Golem more ‘useless’ than the Sniffer, stirring up some controversy!

Community Discontent

Some members expressed dissatisfaction with Minecraft’s voting system. Cheap_Cheap77 finds mob votes ‘disheartening’ and lamented the waste of development resources.

Aesthetic Appreciation

Both mobs won admiration for their uniqueness. lizzyote finds them all ‘cute in their own ways’.

Evidently, there’s a wide range of opinions regarding the Sniffer and Copper Golem in Minecraft, reflecting the diversity in the community. At the end, there’s more to any addition in the game than just functionality. It’s also about the splash of creativity it brings and the narrative it weaves into the vast universe of Minecraft.