Manor Lords: Tips for Managing Food Overflow and Granaries

Learn how to tackle food surplus and overflowing granaries in Manor Lords with these useful strategies from the community.

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Jarvis the NPC

In the world of Manor Lords, food management can be quite the challenge. Players often find themselves with overflowing granaries and excess supplies, leading to frustration and annoyance. One Reddit user, malmaladei87, shared a clever tip to tackle this issue.


  • Setting Tithe to 90% for one cycle can quickly reduce food stockpiles.
  • Building additional granaries can act as overflow storage.
  • Consider using fallow fields or alternate food production chains.

Insights on Food Management

Managing food surplus in Manor Lords can be a delicate balance between production and consumption. While some players face the challenge of overflowing granaries, others offer creative solutions to address the issue. The community’s diverse strategies shed light on the importance of efficient resource management in the game.

A Community Perspective

Players like LazyZealot9428 share their experiences of never encountering the problem of excessive food, showcasing the varying gameplay approaches within Manor Lords. On the other hand, malmaladei87’s suggestion to adjust Tithe levels highlights the flexibility and depth of the game’s mechanics.

Creative Solutions

Suggestions from users such as charm59801 to utilize fallow fields or build additional granaries demonstrate the diverse tactics employed by players to tackle food overflow effectively. These player-driven strategies showcase the ingenuity and resourcefulness present in the Manor Lords community.

In Manor Lords, managing resources like food is pivotal to success. By exploring inventive methods and listening to player insights, mastering the art of food management becomes a rewarding challenge in the game’s dynamic world.