Limited Outpost Building in Starfield: Fans Express Frustration

A delve into the Starfield subreddit reveals fans' outlook on the game's outpost building and related frustrations.

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In Starfield, outposts serve multiple functions – trading, storage opportunities, and most importantly resource generation. One of the most exciting parts is that you get to design our outposts how you want, both in terms of meeting your needs and of course aesthetically pleasing. The issue is Starfield currently presents some limitations in terms of outpost building. Fans are expressing their disappointments and frustrations over this aspect.


  • Most players perceive the outpost construction feature in Starfield as a downgrade from the one in Fallout 4.
  • Frustrations arise from the lack of customization and usability issues while linking modules.
  • Some users find refuge in the ship customization feature and appreciate the presented aesthetics.

Fans Speak Out

User twistedtxb shares similar sentiments as many, labeling the outpost mechanism as ‘clunky’ and ‘limited’. Meanwhile, TheArgonianBoi77 suggests Bethesda could learn from its improved workshop system in Fallout 76, labelling the outposts a big disappointment.

Outpost Limitations: Causes of Fluster for Players

Player darkestbrew adds to the growing concerns about the outpost system, explaining a frustrating loop in setting up Helium-3 supply to outposts. Another user, Mismageius, shares that they ‘literally only use outposts to just store the thousands of resources’ they collect.

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the criticism, players like AstronomerDramatic36 hold out hope that the game will build on its current model in future DLCs. It is also a general sentiment that the existing settlement response in Fallout 4 was mixed, and hence the developers might have decided to play it safe with Starfield, as user octarine_turtle opines.

Pizza or burgers, Marvel or DC, outpost building in Fallout 4 or Starfield – the world never runs out of comparisons, does it? Yet, irrespective of the criticisms, the player hope for Starfield to better its game only goes to show the immense fandom it enjoys. Until then, keep the pizza hot, the superheroes in action, and yes, the game on!