League of Legends Vanguard Update and Community Concerns

Riot's Vanguard update for League of Legends sparks mixed reactions within the community. Dive in to see how players feel about the latest changes!

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League of Legends players are buzzing with mixed sentiments about Riot’s recent Vanguard update. From concerns about privacy to technical issues, the community is abuzz with feedback.


  • Players express worries over Vanguard’s impact on privacy and hardware.
  • Issues with error codes and hardware requirements raise frustration among the community.
  • Riot attempts to address concerns but faces skepticism from some players.

Concerns about Vanguard

The community is divided over Riot’s Vanguard update for League of Legends. Some players are worried about the potential privacy implications of the anti-cheat system, while others express frustrations over technical issues and error codes they encounter.

Riot’s Responses

RiotK3o and the League team have provided updates and clarifications on Vanguard, emphasizing its intended function and addressing common concerns raised by players. Despite their efforts, some players remain skeptical about the implications of the system on their gameplay experience.

Community Feedback

Players share their personal experiences with Vanguard, highlighting issues such as hardware compatibility, error messages, and interactions with other software. The community remains vocal about their concerns and hopes for transparency from Riot moving forward.

As players navigate the evolving landscape of anti-cheat measures in League of Legends, discussions around Vanguard continue to spark debates and conversations within the community.