League of Legends: New Malphite Update Leaked – Community Reactions

Check out the community's reactions to the leaked update of Malphite in League of Legends!

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League of Legends players are buzzing with excitement and curiosity after a leak revealed a new update for Malphite. What do redditors think about this surprising development?


  • Players speculate on the implications of the leak for Malphite’s look in League of Legends.
  • The community discusses potential changes and updates for other champions.
  • Some players express concerns about the impact of major updates on the game.

Excitement and Speculation

Players are excited about the leaked update for Malphite, with many speculating on the changes it could bring to the champion’s appearance. Some users remark on the uniqueness of the design compared to existing skins.

Concerns and Risks

Others express concerns about potential changes beyond just the visual aspects, questioning if the update will include new animations or abilities. Some fear that major updates could disrupt the game’s stability.

Community Engagement

The community engages in lively discussions about other potential updates for champions, sharing their favorite skin concepts and imagining future changes.

Despite differing opinions, players overall seem eager to see how this update will impact the game and its community.