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Is Smite Pay-to-Win?

Is Smite pay-to-win? That is the age-old question that every free-to-play game gets online. Smite is no exception to that either.

BY Ursine Warrior


Key Takeaways for Is Smite Pay-to-Win

  • Smite isn’t pay-to-win
  • The only thing you can buy in Smite with actual money is Gems, which are used to buy cosmetic items
  • You don’t have to spend money to enjoy Smite, however, it’s a nice way of showing your appreciation to the devs 

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It’s common practice for a lot of people to Google a game before downloading it, the same is true with Smite, as “Is Smite Pay-to-Win” is one of the most searched queries. This is something that’s common for every free-to-play game really, with very rare exceptions.

After all, the developers have to make money somehow, even if a game is free to play, it doesn’t mean it’s free to maintain. It would be great if the developers could photosynthesize their food and the servers ran on magic, but alas, that is not the case. 

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So, Is Smite Pay-to-Win? 

Is Smite Pay-to-Win Gems

The short answer? No, Smite is definitely not pay-to-win. We mentioned this briefly when we discussed the different currencies in Smite, but the only thing that you can buy with real money is Gems. 

Gems are the premium currency of Smite, they allow you to buy skins, voice packs, avatars, emotes, banners, and open chests. You know, the usual sorts of things. None of these things give you a distinct advantage in-game. That is unless you consider looking “boring” compared to the other Gods a disadvantage.

Should you Spend Money on Smite?

Danzaburou's Deals

This question is really up to you. You don’t really have to spend money on Smite to enjoy it. There are however some really cool skins available for the different Gods. And it’s nice to spice up things from time to time. 

Our dear Danzaburou even gives us daily bundles that are always worth checking out, even if you don’t plan on spending money. More often than naught, some previously limited edition skins are available in these bundles. So, if you’ve missed the original event when they were available, these bundles are a great way to acquire them later on down the line.