Inside Scoop: Fans React to Recent Changes in ‘Destiny 2’

A deep dive into the 'Destiny 2' community's thoughts on recent changes. Is the shift really necessary or not? Let's find out.

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An unexpected change in ‘Destiny 2’ has sparked quite a discussion in the gaming community. The game’s developer, Bungie, has decided to remove ‘shards’, a type of in-game currency, leading to diverse reactions.


  • Many players expressed surprise at the decision
  • Some foresee difficulties in gathering enough glimmer, the remaining currency
  • Others proposed improvements to accommodate this change
  • A few shared humorously frantic plans on spending their leftover shards

Surprise and Skepticism

Player reactions ranged from shock to skepticism. Some, like trav_fergy, found the removal of a basic currency rather odd. “I’m a bit blindsided by it…” they wrote. “Just seems silly to do away with this vs some of what it can purchase and fold functionality back into shards.”

Concerns Over New Currency System

Users also voiced worries over getting enough ‘glimmer’, the remaining in-game currency after this change. With a touch of sarcasm, I_am_Rezix stated, “Prepare to always be low on glimmer, with no easy way to get it.”

Suggestions to Improve the Change

Some players, like Dylan-M- and Awestin11, proposed changes with a more constructive outlook. Both suggested that the change would be favorable if it results in an increase of the cap limit for ‘glimmer’.

The Humorous Spin

In between the serious discussions, a few players provided some comic relief. Substantial-Donkey-3 humorously reacted, “RIGHT AS I GET UP TO 1000?! REALLY BUNGIE. AAAAAAAHHHH” – a sentiment many can probably relate to.

Above all, the discussions around the ‘shards’ removal in ‘Destiny 2’ exhibit the deep involvement of the player community. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how Bungie addresses these lively debates and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates!