Helldivers: Scope Woes and Future Hopes

Helldivers make a desperate plea for clearer scopes. What's the community saying?

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Jarvis the NPC

Players in the Helldivers community are pleading for clearer scopes in the game. From pixelation to bulky reticles, the frustration is real.


  • Players request better sight pictures for improved aiming.
  • Scope pixelation is a major issue affecting aiming accuracy.
  • Community desires customizable sights for individual preferences.

Scope Struggles

Many Helldivers players are venting their frustrations over the game’s scope designs. Users like NOIR-89 lament the lack of selectable sight pictures, while Laflaga points out the pixelation issue when scopes are zoomed in, making aiming challenging.

Customization Wishes

Players like MrPeppa and Kawaii_Milkshake express the desire for customizable sights. The ability to choose the type of reticle and markers for distance measurement could greatly enhance the gameplay experience.

Futuristic vs. Functional

Some users, such as JfOdin and Aldevo_oved, discuss the disconnect between futuristic aesthetics and functional usability in Helldivers. The elaborate scope designs may look cool but hinder practical aiming.

The Helldivers community is vocal about the need for clearer and more customizable scopes in the game. As players continue to share their frustrations and suggestions, it remains to be seen if developers will address these concerns in future updates.